What do you charge for a Pre-m Application.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by overtona, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. cecropia11

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    also I applied the rate per acre which according to the label should give me about 7 to 8 months control.
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    I mix enough spray for 75k in each tank. It's much easier to weigh the product out than to use teaspoons. I'm putting 23 oz per tank now....not sure how many teaspoons that would be.
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    sub to post
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    I do have scales ...just wondered if anyone else had converted the spoons to cups. I did so I wouldnt have to keep measuring weights... just calculate how many spoons I need and turn into cups. I have also weighed a few to see if it was running true.... seems to be. Curious though .. what strengths does everyone like to go with? Are you trying to achieve 4-6 months of control.. or 6-8? I am currently mixing to cover about 6 months but will reapply at four months.. and use simazine to cover the late winter period.
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    I have a question that the label doesn't answer as far as I can see after reading it twice.

    It says that at 1.5lbs per acre crabgrass is controlled for about 8 months. I need to know if other weeds in areas like dirt, landscape rocks, and similar areas prevent weeds for that long at that rate? I don't see anywhere that gives a length of time weeds are prevented. It just gives a range of 1.0-2.3 lbs/acre. I am trying to figure out how long 2.3lbs/acre would last. Does anyone know from experience if it would prevent weeds for my 9-10 month weed growing season? Would I need a second application? I don't want to tell my clients it will last all year if it won't.
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    Hard to tell. Alot depends on how much rain you will experience in the time period after application. Other factors play into that as well. I wouldn't ever guarantee no weeds as some will get thru no matter what. No application is 100% effective.
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    Each app is same price, averaged out over all apps. Prob like 80ish+

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