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Can't believe I didn't take into account hauling yard waste away. Must have been brain dead. I bid two jobs and didn't figure in time to load hedge and plant clippings, weeds, etc. and dump it. This added a lot of time. Not to mention, my rig is such that I have to dump a large load before I can continue with next job, ( I pile it on back of the trailer as I tow with a Blazer). <br>What do you guys figure in if the customer wants debris hauled away and disposed of? Thanks.<br>Bassman


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When I bid a job such as bush trimming I figure in the time to go to the dump. I also try to line up two or three jobs so I only have to make one trip.<br>As for a customer just wanting some clipping hauled away I charge $10 - $15 for small amouts 4 or 5 garbage bags. <br>The Blazer will not allow much room for hauling, so utilize the space on your trailer. Or schedule a few jobs when you can off load your mowing equipment and pile the debris on your trailer.<br>


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<br>I know of some guys that do brush clean-ups with regularity and they charge a straight $395 per 16 foot trailer load - cleared/loaded/hauled/dumped.<p>I believe that's a pretty accurate system. I've tried other methods but every time wished I had reverted to that simple formula. Two guys can fill two loads a day assuming:<p>You can get the trailer close to the job<br>The dump is within 15 miles of the job<br>The material is reduced with loppers as it's loaded. <br>Maximum height of a loaded trailer is 4 feet.<p>


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Presently, I charge $50/load in my Nissan pickup as an addition to the trimming service. If the load is smaller than a truckload I charge $5/barrel or $3/bag. <p>I haven't done straight hauling w/o trimming at this point nor have I done any trimming since adding my trailer, so I'm currently refiguring my fees to include that...<p>-TGC


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hello,<p>I know everyone has diff't equip, but I have a 12 ft rack body dump with 4 foot sides and can load a ton of brush and what not.<p>I base a charge on this.<p>A. Trucking fee. I usually charge a flat $50 for the trucking. This includes driver time, gas, truck charge, etc.<p>If the job is far away from my dumping zone, then I usually add on a additional charge.<p>B. Dumping charge- If I am close to home, I can dump for free, but still charge the customer a fee. I base it on what the local landfill charges per ton for brush. They charge around $15 a ton for brush, so I figure in an adittional $25 or so along with the 50 base trucking charge, which means a full load will always run for at least $75 to haul it away.<p>Now, other things may change pricing also, such as when the job is farther away from my dumping area, the job has stumps, or if the job includes bigger brush (such as larger diamerter trees, like over 8&quot; diam) etc.<p>Basically, I always try to get around $75 for a load, even if it is only a half load, because my time and costs are the same just about whether it is 3 branches or a entire truck full.<p>


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Our local vegetation landfill is located such that I will usually have to drive by it to get to or from a job so I just try to estimate unloading time and weight for disposal. <p>If I leave hedge clippings in the truck for a few days they dry out and weigh less, also will compact to allow room for more debris. If I am hauling branches (large quantities I sub out to a friend with a chipper) I just load em then hop in the bed with the chainsaw and start cutting away, usually can fit much more in the truck with this method.<p>Bill

bill phagan

Bassman,<p>Just an idea here...why not bag it up and leave it on the curb for the garbage man to pick up? You can still charge for the services you performed and the garbage man does the work? How much of their debris could be put back into the shrub beds to act as mulch? I see us on the roads after a major cleanup.......debris covering our equipment and lookin' like the Clampetts going down the road, branches flying into windshields, overhanging fronds and the rest. If they insist you haul it, what is your cost per manhour? How much travel time to and from the dump? How much time to accumulate it? Off load it? Sweep or blow out the trailer? What are dump fees? Break it down by task and time....add up your costs, look at all the considerations to determine a profit like thorns, spikes, how soon they want it done,etc. I've never seen a &quot;standard&quot; cleanup........nor a standard price to do it.<p>Bill Phagan<br>Green Ind Consulting, Inc.


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i do absolutly no dumping at all. Where i live.... In the fall all you do is pile the leaves next to the curb and 4 times from end of october to begining od december the township sends giant vacuums around to suck them all up. The rest of the yar you just have to bag debris or tiesit in big bundels. Shore beats all the hassles of taking it to the dump. Also about 20 percent of my costomers have there back yards facing woods so whenever i cut big limbs or have a lot of waste from there yard i just thrwo it back there.

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