What do you charge for mulch?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by bligh61, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Darryl G

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    I'm in the $85 to $110/yard range for mulch installed depending on what mulch they want and access/quantity. Quality mulch isn't cheap around here and I refuse to install the dyed ground up construction and demolition crap.
  2. blowerman

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    Someones living a pipe dream again. I'd pay for you to come here and show me that. And I'm talking, get you here, put you up, entertain, then watch you spread 4-5 yards per hour. If it's easily, one would think you could surpass 4-5 working hard at it.
    One guy moving quick can move maybe two yards per hour. That's moved from a pile or truck, into a plant bed, then neatly placed and raked out.
  3. charmill26

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    ^^I agree for the most part. Alot of it depends on how far you have to move it and if its a wide open bed or crowded with a lot of plants. I can do 2-3 an hour by myself on average for the open areas. But yes I will gladly hire him to come install 4-5 yards per hour for me!
  4. RSK Property Maintenance

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    I Generally charge 100/yard delivered, and installed, but there are alot of guys around me who will do it for half that, but don't do a good job, and i don't really want to do mulch, so I don't really try to get many mulch jobs. But i did put down 12 yards to finish a juniper install in 3 hrs with 3 guys. 1 trip in the dump truck :)
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  5. ryan41

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    the cheapest mulch in my area is double shredded hardwood i can get that for about $28.00 a yard. Labor i do about $35-$40 a yard depending on how the terrain is and how many guys i have working it. I usually end up doing around $70.00 a yard spared & delivered. The price goes up if its more expensive mulch. You also have Bed edging & weeding to add in.
  6. BOSS LAWN 2343

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    $35 per yard plus install fees. Really depends who your supplier is and how much it will cost to haul to the jobsite.
  7. lawnpropm

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    $75 - $85/ yard not including mulch and delivery
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  8. charmill26

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    I thought I made good money with my prices! You're grossing 150-170 per man hour without the cost of the mulch?
  9. lawnpropm

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    I noticed one thing when you're dealing with customers "smile" when you give them the price for the job while saying we also accept major credit cards. Also you can be more aggressive with pricing in regards to customers who contact you from referrals.
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  10. Duekster

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    Good Point, LOL we also accept, Visa, Master card and first born

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