What do you charge for running a skid steer?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Cat_246B, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Im planning on opening another DBA so I dont have to get capital improvement forms to not charge any sales tax on those jobs and complicate my sales tax filing every time. NY=PITA
  2. Cat_246B

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    You guys have helped me a lot, and I have learned a lot. I will have to keep you guys informed on how I'm doing and I hope I won't be a stranger on this site:). If you have any more advice it would be helpful, and thanks again for all of the information.
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    I found it very hard to do enough work with just a skid steer to make a go of it if your are going to call yourself an excavating company.
    Especially when you are first starting out and do not have a customer base yet.

    Good credit is very important when it comes to starting any business.
  4. Cat_246B

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    I'm also going to use a mini excavator if the need arises, and a trencher that I can get from my neighbor. Should I rent a machine until I start to get a lot of business or just buy a machine?
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    I started renting my skid and mini skid until I was renting them enough that the inconvenience and rental fees were more than my payments would be. Thats when I decided to buy. There are many things to take into consideration such as with a rental you don't have to worry about maintance or paying for repairs. Look at most large construction companies doing big jobs, half of there eqipment have rental company logos on them. I still rent a mini ex because I don't use one enough to justify buying it

    As far as what I charge, it is between 100-150 an hour depending on what we are doing and the area of the state I am working.
  6. Cat_246B

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    I live in a small town and there is no way I could get $100 an hour, but I would be 1 of maybe 2 people doing something like this, and I was thinking about $65-$70 an hour. Do you think that it would be a fair price?
  7. david bailey

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    I was checking your profile and I see that you are kinda young but I like your motivation.
    First thing to identify is exactly what sort of work you will be doing or want to do. Find out what the demand could be for what you want to offer. In my town everybody wants to mow the grass but no one wants to pick up trash. I make a decent amount of steady revenue picking up trash and emptying trash cans on commercial sites.
    It's nice to have access to equipment to do a variety of jobs but don't box yourself in. a skid steer is a valuable tool but not the end all. In fact most of the time a skidsteer is the wrong tool but a lot of people buy into one and then can't be flexible. Remember,ANYTIME YOU BORROW A PIECE OF EQUIPMENT,RETURN IT IN BETTER SHAPE(CLEAN) AND FULL OF FUEL WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED! Equipment costs a lot of money to buy,own and maintain. Be sure to be grateful to those that help you make some money,whether it's equipment,or an opportunity. Get as much seat time on sny piece as you possible can whether or not there is always a chance to make money. watch others and don't be afraid to ask. we all have been there too at some time or another!
  8. david bailey

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    If and when you get your boat floating,you'll need liability,workman's comp(to do any commercial work or if you hire employees) and an umbrella policy is a good idea.

    It takes capital(money) to do jobs so do whatever you can to build some cash flow. That means put as money in the bank from doing other work to have the necesary cash to do bigger jobs. most folks like to pay when the job is done and won't float you the money up front. also,while a homeowner may pay you right away,sometimes commercial jobs take awhile to get paid. Know what the terms are before doing the work.

    and you have to have your own infrastructure. rarely are you able to do any job with just one tool. You'b be suprised at how much money you can spend on just a shovel(s),rake,pushbroom.

    always remember to show up when you say you will,do the best job you know how and remember to say thanks. someone CHOSE you to do the work,be professional,grateful and enthusiastic about THEIR job!

    Good Luck
  9. Cat_246B

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    Thanks David. I know I'm young but this is something I am very passionate about, kids my age do lawn work like lawn mowing and tilling, and I want to do something different. I do have access to a ride on trencher and a mini excavator. I also have a steady job that I get a fair amount of money from doing. I also know people that would like stuff done, that they can't do by themselves because it's to big. I have always had a dream doing something like this, and hopefully turn it into a full time job.:) I also hope this doesn't effect me posting things on here:laugh:, and I hope I will still be welcome on this site.
  10. AWJ Services

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    Nothing wrong with dreaming.
    We all started right where your at so in my opinion you are more than welcome here.:drinkup:

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