what do you charge just to suck leaves up from the curb side?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Drew Gemma, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. Drew Gemma

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    A local city used to have the workers pick up leaves along the curb twice a week. So almost companies blew the leaves to the curb and left cause the home owners saved money and thats what they wanted. Now the city has totally cut that service out. So now the people who used to blow their own leaves to the curb are calling for curb side pick up. So if the leaves are pilled up along the curb what are the parameters and factors to be included when price for a curb side pick up. I figure a flat rate or stop charge of $6 plus a disposal fee(not sure how much) plus time spent man hours. I don't have to pay for disposal I recycle all of my yard wast at my place in the country. I am not asking for a specific dollar amount but rough ideas if possible thanks.

    Stop charge getting them in the front!
    Cost of time spent getting them in the middle!
    Disposal fee getting them on the way out!
  2. walker-talker

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    My truck holds around 23 cubic yards and cost right at $22 to dump. I would probably charge $1 a minute with a $40 minimum charge....depending on the location and timing.

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    I would worry about what was in the pile if I did not make it.
    I would think 40 or so would be better than $6 and than add in for amount of debris. Also keep in mind that you still have to drive to the dump site and do the dumping so charge for it even if you dump on your site. The home owner does not know that you have a site. It also does not take long to fill a site and than you may need to dump off site and pay so make sure that you are set to pay for it.
  4. lawnworker

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    if I was doing this, I would charge a lot. There is extra investment involved here. 5 bucks per minute would seem like a good starting point.
  5. J Hisch

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    I do curb side pick up with a 30 hp Giant Vac tow behind. I agree with walker talker. Minimum would have to be 40.00 But we charge 55.00 dollar minimum for 15 minutes but that includes dumping. Leaves also must be curb side, no drive way etc.
  6. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    Just a couple of stories. (True)

    I've had customers who rake the leaves into little piles all over the yard and then expect me to pick them up at a discount because, "We've already done most of the work.". Then they still want the beds cleaned out. I have found that this is not acceptable. It, sometimes, is more work that way then if they just left them spread all over the yard. We never have had curbside pickup here. I usually tell them " $100.00/hr if I do all the work and $150.00/hr if the customer helps.".

    I had one lady, last year, call me for leaf cleanup and wanted an estimate. I went to her property and there was around 6" of oak and Sycamore leaves from property line to property line on about 1/2 an acre. No beds, no obstacles, flat wide open land with about 12 trees on either property line. I bid $375.00 and she was shocked. I don't negotiate my prices but I decided to ask her what she expected to pay. She told me, $20.00. Now I was shocked. She had only recently bought the property. I told her that $20.00 wouldn't even cover the haulaway. She said that there was a guy in town who would pick up the leaves curbside for free but they had to be bagged. I told her to call him. She said she did but he doesn't rake them. Just picks them up if they are already bagged. She had no idea that hauling away was a relatively minor part of the job. Man, that's a lot of bags. I told her that maybe she can get a couple of neighborhood kids to do it for $20.00 but I'm not going to. I went by this spring and the leaves were still there. No idea if she ever got them cleaned up but I bet the whole lawn was dead with 6" of leaves and 11" of snow on it for 3 months. Some people haven't got a clue.
  7. Collegiate

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    I am relatively new to my area so not everyone has heard of me. So i put a flyer in the boxes of one of the biggest neighborhoods in my area and advertised curbside leaf pick up special for $47.00 I have been getting calls round the clock. You have to look into how much money you have invested as to how much you need to gross per day, per week, etc plus dump fee's and take an average from that for the charge. Or you can tell them that the pick up starts at say $45 but could be as much as $75 per curbside pick up. Also, something to think about is how many people do you have working with you. If it is just you alone then you may need to be higher, trust me it will take a while to get into a routine. Everyone thinks it is so easy but a pile of leaves that are moist can take awhile to suck up.

    Good Luck
  8. GrassFearsMe

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    Man if were only that cheap to dump on long island, we may make more but spend a sh!t load more for other services we need.

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