What do you do during the winter?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by WANNAFARM2, Dec 20, 2013.

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    Very true. Won't be long and I'll be saying I can't wait for winter. Ha ha...
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    I drive a truck in December and January. Im always selling prospects and taking calls. This winter I am outfitting my business with some shiny new software. I also service equipment(replacing motor on permagreen) and on top of all that my wife and I have 5 kids, one 8 weeks old. There is no offseason in Illinois. Hahaha
  3. Jimmy1002

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    Snow rempval
  4. ed2hess

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    I painted the outside of my house starting in August, now I am working though the inside. It is hard to get people and it cost about $40 per hour best I can tell. I will have saved about $5000

    . 20131226_142158.jpg

    This room took a couple days including ceiling.

  5. TuffWork

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    This year is kinda up in the air for me. Usually I have a house to remodel as my dad has rental property, but so far he has nothing for me this year so I'm depending on other work.

    I usually get quite a bit of fence work since I stain, seal, repair, and build them. So far I've sealed one and put a few bids in on building them but haven't gotten any bites. I'm not very competitively priced so if I do get those jobs its because my clients know me and trust me.

    Irrigation has kept me busy as well. Surprisingly I've replaced two leaky valves so far this off season. I have another on Monday (which is supposed to be a high of 37-brrrrr). It's a bad deal that people are having these problems but if it keeps me busy I'll take it. (I am licensed - just thought I'd throw that out to avoid criticism)

    Also I'm just now finishing up taking down Xmas lights. I've got my last client to get down tomorrow. It's a big one with 6 wrapped trees and a two story house so it should net me a couple hundred.

    I've got a few landscape lighting bids out right now so I should get at least one of those soon.

    I'm taking a little bit of random work that's out of my wheelhouse. I helped the guy from the shop next door to mine tonight. He has a mobile pressure washing company. We washed 37 FedEx trucks tonight.

    And I also do the usual stuff everyone else said. Remove snow if it snows. We just use snow blowers and shovels. It doesn't snow enough in Northwest Texas for me to justifiy a plow. I've got some clients that will need periodic leaf cleanings as well. Also, I'll be fixing equipment and tinkering around the shop.

    I usually have a guy or two to work with me now but since it's been scarce I've been hogging all the work for myself. I hopefully won't end up having to build a whole new crew from scratch next year, but then again that might not be a bad idea. I employ around 5 people during the year and it's a little hard to train a lot of people quickly when spring hits like a brick wall.

    Last but not least I have two things I want to do this winter to educate myself. #1 Learn how to weld better. My welding is poor at best but I do have a cheapo welder to learn with I just need to spend some time learning to do it well. #2 Learn plant types and requirements better. I went to school for business which means I don't have as much formal training in horticulture as I'd like. I plan to look up plant types for my area and their requirements. Then, put them on flashcards to learn what they look like and where they grow best with what amount of water.
  6. JonLawn

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    I put a overhead light in my shed yesterday. Cheap diamond plate job from home depot but it looks cool and sheddy. And I got a bench grinder too. Gonna bolt that to a shelf this week and work on some blades.
  7. GMLC

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  8. ed2hess

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    Should have got an angle grinder for blades and it is much more useful for other things. Me bench grinder is on the shelf no use any more.
  9. giantlandscape.com

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    Hibernate. Not really. I spend a lot of time with family and work on quotes for spring landscaping projects. This year I teamed up with Angie's list and I got to meet a lot of additional customers. I got three good reviews on their site so they called me up and asked me if I wanted to offer landscape designs to their customers this winter. It worked out great. Most of the people are legit landscape install customers and I've already made quite a few good sales.
  10. dieselfuel

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    Remodel house - but that's done, so now it's for sale and looking for another.
    Catch up on sleep.
    Read books.

    The biggest one, try to organize all of my business file, declutter, and determine better ways to gain more projects for the upcoming spring. I'm a design/build/estate maintenance type firm with no lawncare. I've determined the local paper here isn't very good for me, at least not with putting in a couple ads early spring and early fall. I think it needs to be weekly and consistent, but they are just way too expensive.

    Also try to review past projects and how long they took to revise pricing strategies.

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