What do you do during the winter?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by WANNAFARM2, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. MainTainZ Property Svcs.

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    So far this Winter, I've stayed busy and have not had too much free time to relax. This is my first year doing snow plowing and salting and that has kept me busy this week and also been doing a lot of misc. work to get several apartment complexes ready for their HUD inspections. I did plasti dip one of my spare trucks. I was wanting to work on building a new shop and getting one of my other spare truck outfitted with a dump bed. This is going to be my busiest winter ever....Oh well...Here's some pics of what we did this week.







  2. jrodgers

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    Hemorrhage money....
  3. JonLawn

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    I second that.
  4. lslandscapeco

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    Beings its my second year on my own, im busting my butt to get proposals out for mowing, and rounding up landscaping projects for the dry spell mid summer. Along with that im setting up a better management plan. And im doing some roofing and construction, weather permitting.
  5. CreativeLawncareSolutions

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    As little as possible.
  6. Greg78

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    Try and take every other week off but is normally business as usual!! With all the new customers we keep adding and REO clean-ups we stay pretty darn busy.
  7. Cheffy

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  8. LawnGuy110

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    Plow snow and repair/replace equipment
  9. Kinglandscape

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    FULL TIME DEBT COLLECTOR also snow removal, winter pruning !
  10. yclawncare

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    In California we don't get winter anymore. But if we did I would be making repairs on all my equipment and looking to see how I can have a more profitable season.

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