What do you do if another LCO steals your name

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by AK Lawn, Apr 17, 2005.

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    Just wondering what any of you guys would do. I own South Side Lawn and X-scape Lanscaping, i recently ran across a flier that read South Side Lawns, empahsis on the s, that is all that this little scrub changed. So i call him as a client asking the normal questions, getting to insurance and he says no. So what can i do, my sister is lawyer and says that i should be able to get an injunction for my name, i have been licensed and insured for 8 years, i am worried that not only is he going to steal my clients but ruin my reputation. I thought things were getting bad but now, wow! has this happened to any body, he told me he would look into it, i said look into all you want but your going to have to change your name.
    AK Lawn
  2. two_planks

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    Obviously rules are different here in Canada, but there was a similar situation here (not involving me). There is an lco called Grass Roots Lawn Care. Another guy (arborist and lco) started a company called Grass Roots and Tree Trunks. The original Grass Roots guy tried to make him change it, but because he had never registered his trade name with the province there was nothing he could do about it. If you can I'd make sure he changes his name, or change your own.
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    Is your name registered? If so, legally it can be handled.......if the name is not registered my guess is you are out of luck.

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    I agree... If your name is registered with the Sec. of State, he has no choice but to change HIS name! If you are not already registered, you may want to soon. If he registers and you don't...guess who has to start over???

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