What do you do to get ready for the coming season

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TaussigLawnCare, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. TaussigLawnCare

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    What does everyone do to get ready for the next mowing season as far as stocking up on parts and getting equipment ready. I am fairly new and want to make sure I am not forgetting something. I serviced all the mowers and trucks and painted decks(more for looks then anything). Should I order extra blades or anything. I also changed air filters on alot of my echo stuff too. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me or just tell us what u do whatever is cool. I also have some holes in my bagger is there a good way to fix that just sewing it up works I guess hmm I might be able to do that lol.
  2. crawdad

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    Change or check all belts, buy spares, carry them with you, don't leave them home. Sharpen your spare blades. Carry a spare pull-rope.
    I just noticed your sig line, and thought of some more. Check to see that your first aid kit is full.
  3. SLS

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    Don't forget your tire plugging kit, tank of compressed air, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and wasp/hornet spray.

    I too carry a spare belts and a set of blades with me, and tools needed to change them. You never know when one is going to get bent. :blush:
  4. CO.d 502nd

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    I Change all the fuel filters and hydro filters ON ZTR'S and hydro walkbehind's .
    I keep a good battery power air compressor also works on cig lighter.
    Make sure you Got a spare tire for the trailer to and the tire plugging kit mentioned is mandatory .

    And as mentioned keep spare belts and blades handy and also some good variaty of hand tools for fixing stuff in the field.

    O yeah dont forget some sun screen for yourself belive me it is worth the aggravation of the stuff getting in yiour eyes. I came down with skin cancer this past summer.
    So im gonna be putting on the sunscreen every two hours and also ware a broad brimmed straw hat no matter how corney it looks
  5. Gravely_Man

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    Hopefully you have most of the work already done from when you but the equipment to "sleep" over the winter. All you should have to do is start everything up and be ready to go. I always attend the spring dealer day sales to take advantage of discounted filters, belts and so forth. The best plan of attack that I have found is to get as much as done early as possible to avoid any surprises.

  6. MOW ED

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    Looking at your signature line you should be telling us.;)
  7. bobbygedd

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    btw, u have to be licensed to carry wasp/hornet spray
  8. SpudsM15

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    Really???? I've been breaking the law for a couple years now
  9. drobson

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    Wasp/Hornet Spray:

    Don't you only need to be licensed if you are going to charge for the service and not just use it for your own protection?
  10. brucec32

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    Inspect your vehicles and make sure they're not going to need anything during your busy times. Better to toss some brake pads or tires that still have a little life left than to have to replace them in the middle of July when you're really too busy to pull a truck out of service. I try to eliminate any non-earning tasks during the busy season.

    Stock up on spare belts, blades, oil, transmission, tubes, tires, and air filters, etc. as needed. Better to carry a spare around for two years than not have one handy when you need it in the field.

    Make sure you have stamps, paper, envelopes, invoices, brochures, etc as needed before you run out.

    Do any tasks around your home that will need doing in the next year before you get busy with work.

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