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What do you do when


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northeast ,ohio
GEOFF<p> I FEEL FOR YOU IT IS VERY EASY TO GET FRUSTRATED. I DO ALL THE TIME I AM IN OHIO, AKRON<br>WE GET A SMALL BIT OF SNOW COMPARED TO THE NORTHEASTERN PORTION OF THE STATE AND IT SEEMS LIKE THE BETTER CONTRACTS ARE UP THERE BUT i am glad for the accounts that i do have and treat them well if you do the same when that guy w/ the contract that has lasted for 30 years moves on you want to be the one that they call<p> i have found that in some other locales many commercial customers don't want every bit of snow gone <p> i (unfortunately for you) am not in one of these areas most of the customers here want salt regularly and lots and walks always wet for less liability<br> i dont really have much advice for you to swing a customer but would think doctors offices and the like would want this<p><br>doug


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oh yea before i fill this discussion all on my own. There are guys still out their doing their books with pen and paper. I am sure they were y2k compliant.<p>Geoff


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Geoff the things you mention are exactly why you need to Join SIMA. We actively discuss these exact things in length at the Symposiums. If you dont want to join then fine, but at least give some thought to attending the symposium. It will cost about 50$ more than a member will pay but it is still worth it. Go to the SIMA site and read the scheduale.<br>If plowing snow is so unprofitable, why still do it. Bad attitude will be self fullfilling in making no money, plus I dont dont want to read about you crying the blues everytime I log on. <br>With education and a little hard work you can change these ideas that your customers have. I know cause I did it. Spending a little more on pretreating and ice control is alot cheaper then a million $ law suit from a slip and fall. These are the things you need to sell. Plus on your lower than 3&quot; snow falls you can sell a pretreat at 50% less then a plow and sand and still make money, and you will look like a hero to your customer. You wont need to plow, but rather melt the stuff.<br>Customers are ignorant about snow, we need to educate them ,cause if we dont who will? <br>The contractor who is a SIMA member will, because he will have the ducation and knowledge to take that account away from you and he WILL make more money from that account. <br>Now if you have accounts that wont change, then drop them. If they dont make you money, why keep them.Get ones that make you money.<br>A prime example is your bad mouthing of pusher boxxes. Try one, there is a dealer in Maine, he will probably let you have a demo for a storm, and see how much time and money you make. Just because it is new, doesnt mean it is bad.<br>Dino <p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment www.sima.org