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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawn, Jun 22, 2004.

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    One of my clients did not pay the entire bill, she sent me only $100 dollars. The bill was $345, she sent me a note saying that she was not satisfyed with our job ( excuses... excuses) and that she had to hire someone else so she will not pay more than that.
    I know that is not true. Her yard never looked so beautiful before. She is making excuses. ( of course she canceled on us).
    And she sent $100 because I sent her a second bill saying that her account was overdue and if not payment is not received we will charge late fees.
    What should I do? Can someone help me write a letter please?
  2. 89Ranger

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    Did you have her sign a contract?
    If you did then just tell her we had a contract and show here a copy and tell her she has to pay.
  3. John Gamba

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    See if you can take her to small claims court.
  4. CuttersCove

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    What did you guys do? Was it a landscape job? Or lawn mowing.

    I like how she waited until she got the bill to tell you she's dissastisfied.

    Send her another bill and inform her that collections and possible court action will ensue if she doesn't pay in 30 days.
  5. Tharrell

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    Go to small claims court AND file a mechanics lien. She'll pay.
  6. dfor

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    Good advice. Small claims and mechanics lean. Do it soon so that she knows you mean business.
  7. Hokie12

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    what is a mechanics lean?
  8. robertyb

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    Send her a Certified letter - return receipt requested for the balance still due plus a $15.00 late fee plus the cost of the Certified letter. Give her ten days to pay in full or tell her you will take action "as deemed necessary" to collect the balance due plus any legal fees incurred. If she does not pay go to small claims court (magistrate court) and seek a lien against her property for the total due plus all fees incurred (Fi. Fa.). Have the Fi. Fa. recorded at the Clerk of Superior Court's Office then have the Sheriff's office tow her car to sell or levy her bank account if you know where she banks. You can even have a garnishment served against her wages if you know where she works. At any rate it will go on her credit history for the next ten years and if she tries to get credit you will be paid in full plus accrued interest (12% sounds fair per year).
  9. J and M Mowing

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    In Oklahoma, a mechanics lein is if you don't pay the mechanic (or garage) for fixing your car, the mechanic can go down to the county clerk's and place a lein on your car. Then when you try to sell the car, the title can't be transfered over to the new owner until the lein is paid.
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