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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawn, Jun 22, 2004.

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    Why not call her, set up a time to walk the site and see if you can solve the problem, be proffesional dont just assume your company did nothing wrong. Dont assume the customer is out to screw you as well. Your last resort should be small claims
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    Thanks to all for your help!
    I will send her a certified letter saying that she still has a balance due on her account and if payment is not received in 10 days we will send her account to a collection company.
    My only concern is that her husband is a lawyer :(
    She signed a proposal the first year when I gave her an estimate.
    Don't you love when customers set up the price for you? LOL
    What is a mecanic lien? do I go to her town court for that???
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    police station. sign a complaint of theft. i've done it, twice, won both times.
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    and even had them drive ole bg there on one occasion...LOL...man, that was a hoot.
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    yea, that was funny. i saw that guy at the bank about 2 months ago. i said, "hey buddy, how are you?" he just gave me a half hearted head knod
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    I dont think this is true, i could be wrong
    but i know my lawyer has told me that any $ they try to pay CAN be put in the bank and this changes nothing about the balance they owe...other then being $100.00 less on the balance.

    Heres a test for you...
    try the same thing with your C.C. company, i bet you still owe the balance and they sure as h*ll will cash your check.

    But you should drive over their and talk to her and see what she says is wrong. She may have a point or may not, but you wont know for sure till you SEE what shes not happy with.

    (this is why you should take pictures of before and after, then in court you say... heres the way her yard looked before i started, and heres after... see your honor..) (thier are alot of people who want something for nothing)

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    Thank you all for your help!:)
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    Don't cash the check! Send it back, tell her partial payments are not accepted, and demand payment in full. If she sent a note saying she was not satisfied and that's all she's paying, your cashing it can be seen as acceptance of those terms. That's advice I got from my lawyer in a similar set of circumstances.

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