What Do You Do With The Old Fixtures?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by JimLewis, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. JimLewis

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    So now that LED technology has come along so much, I'm starting to get a fair number of jobs where we're pulling out existing nice, commercial grade lighting systems. Like Kichler, Unique, Nightscaping, etc. jobs that were done maybe 5-10 years ago but I've convinced the client to ditch that one in lieu of a completely new integrated LED system. So I'm basically removing a few dozen fixtures that are still in pretty decent shape. Especially brands like Unique that are solid brass and have a lifetime warranty on them. I can't throw those away! Those are nice fixtures! But I also can't sell them. For one, it's a conflict of interest. I truly believe the light fixtures I am selling now are way better in a lot of ways than these. So why would I sell someone something I really don't believe in anymore when I know I've got something better? Second reason is they are used now. Sometimes they look like they're still in great shape. But I'm not typically in the business of installing used fixtures. Seems a little cheesy.

    So that brings me to my point; what the heck do you do with perfectly good halogen bulb outdoor lighting fixtures after you've done a complete replacement?

    I tried the local construction recycling places. Those places have more LV light fixtures than they know what to do with. They weren't interested in taking any more.

    I guess I could polish them up and sell them on eBay....... Just wondering what the rest of you guys do in this case.
  2. knox gsl

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    Ebay, metal recycling or I can send you my address. I have a similar problem with plants, I hate to toss them but I get way more tear outs than I can store.
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  3. Classic Lighting

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    Make a demo kit, use them in a charity project, or at your residence.
  4. bcg

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    Jim, why aren't you dropping LED retrofits in those instead of replacing them? If something is already there and the bones/design are good, retrofits are a very cost-effective way to go to LED.

    If you insist on tearing them out and don't have any use for them, brass brings good money at the scrap metal yard. I turned in a seasons worth of cracked ball valves from PVB repairs after our freeze a couple of years ago and got $600.00 for them. It's worth the effort to separate the brass, copper and other metals.
  5. JimLewis

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    There are a lot of reasons. First (most common reason) is sometimes the customer is just totally fed up with their old halogen system. The person who installed it over-volted it and they are changing bulbs every 3 months, etc. They hear that I have something available where they won't have to change a bulb for 15 years and they're sold. It's not a matter of money or being cost-effective for some people. It's a matter of convenience. So many people want the outdoor lighting system but hate the maintenance of having to replace bulbs. If I do a retrofit, I can't really guarantee them the lamps will last much longer than 3 years. Sure, the new LED MR-16s have good color temperature and a great heat sink. That's great for gettiing the heat away from the lamp - until you trap them in a fixture that doesn't release much heat. Then all bets are off. That's why companies like Unique and Brilliance aren't offering anything more than a 3-year warranty. They know this is a problem as well. You won't have to change lamps as often - but you're still going to need to after a few years.

    Other times it's a matter of we're ripping out the entire [old] landscaping and installing everything new. And the old system had bad connections (old grease nuts that are out of grease and water is intruding into the wire), loose connections, wasn't installed correctly to begin with (daisy chained, when they should have used the hub system), too small of wire, etc. So it's just better to redo all the wiring. And as long as we're redoing all that and also installing a $20,000 landscape - why not just go for another couple thousand in new lighting? Then you're starting new with a new landscape and lighting system - one I can guarantee for a long time.

    Other times it's just a matter of the [rich] customer is convinced that they need a new system. They've been hearing all the buzz about LED lighting from their friends at the golf club or Audobon society or yacht club and they start to think maybe they don't have the newest best thing. Same reason people upgrade the TV they just bought 5 years ago. Sometimes people just want the newest, best stuff.

    I'm not saying I don't do retrofits, because we do a fair amount of those too. Especially for people who have a well installed system and are on a budget. But sometimes a full replacement is in order. And I'm not going to talk someone out of a full replacement if they're interested in it. I'm in business to make money, Honey!
  6. Steve Atkinson

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    Regards your 3-year warranty comment, Brilliance now offers 5-year warranty on all of the low-voltage series. That includes the new 2w bi-pin I gave you to try.

    5 years should be enough time to catch the bad units, those that are compromised during shipping/installation, or have weak parts or sub-assemblies.

    That's what a warranty should cover, not the entire life of the product. Very few products that we all buy and/or sell offer full coverage. And companies that do so are rolling the dice on their financial future.
  7. JimLewis

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    Thanks Steve. That's good to hear. I've been pretty happy with the Brilliance stuff I've tried to date. I like the new 2w bi-pin ones you set me up with. And I like your warranty. 5 years is even better! On the few that I have had issues with, you guys were quick to replace those for us. Easy counter-swap warranty.

    Looking forward to the class next week. I understand you know Paul Welty. I'm meeting with him for lunch the day after you do to discuss AOLP. I'm joining up and He and I are going to start an active chapter here in our area. Seems like a good guy.
  8. Steve Atkinson

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    Thanks Jim! Look forward to seeing you at the class on Nov 27.

    I will have some practical applications for both the Brilliance LED products and the Simply Automated control system. Building on what we talked about when we last met.
  9. whiffyspark

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    I would toss some retrofits in and use them around my house and families. That way you can see first hand how long the retro fits last and can experiment with new lighting ideas.
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  10. GreenI.A.

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    When I pull out a fixture or full system of quality parts, I usually end up storing anything that could be of value. Every season I end up using a few risers, hoods and lense that I have slavaged. Now if it was from a Malibu system, that is different, that junk goes straight into the dumpster.

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