What do you do with the trash you pickup?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Full throttle lawn care, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. Full throttle lawn care

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    I don't offer a trash disposal service. Do to the fact I drive suburban and have a inclosed trailer. I could leave my mower on site and charge for dump fee plus labor and gas added in. I had a client almost passed out when I gave him the bill. It seems there used to companys hauling for free. I now tell them I bag the trash and will leave it on the curb for the trash man. Some seen not to like the idea but say ok. Is this a problem for anyone else?

  2. JB1

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    just how much trash you talkin, although I have had employee's pick up a lot at a plant and put the bag in the employee entrance and another put it in the back of the plant trucks, maybe not a good way but they got the message of all the trash.
  3. LB1234

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    Most commericial establishments have dumpsters on site. In the contract I include something along the lines of non-organic debris is disposed of in their trahsh recipticals (if applicable) or dumpsters.
  4. bohiaa

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    depending where you live,

    Here where I'm at we can't put landscaping materials in our trash.

    So we have to charge for hauling and yes there is a dumping fee of 35.00

    however, I'm like JBLAWN How much trash are you talking about,

    I may pick up a bag of trash a month. and I just throw it in with my regular trash.

    I do charge extra for bagging. simpley because I have to haul it off and pay dumping fees
  5. Full throttle lawn care

    Full throttle lawn care LawnSite Member
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    I strictly do residential acreage homes and between hedging,cleaning up lower branches on trees,orange clean up,first time edging that on a normal job will fill up at at least 10 bags. After first service the norm is two bags on average. But with even two they feel I should take care of it. It may not like much but after a week it adds up.:confused:
  6. Tvov

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    Okay, you talking about landscaping debris, brush, etc.

    OF COURSE I charge to haul that away!! That's part of the job. The previous companies didn't haul it away for "free", they just included the time and dump fees in the bill.
  7. bohiaa

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    Yea, That's what I do. However I just dont get that much trash or debree.

    I jsut add it in to my regular weekly trash that the city picks up.

    I have a garden in my back yard, and so I have a hell of a compost pile and

    sometimes I add it to that....

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