what do you do with your clippings/debris disposal!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CURB APPEAL NC, Jan 21, 2005.


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    the local landfill charges $1.25 per 100 lbs hich aint bad but it is 25 mins from here thats what kills me! Anyways what do you guys do with your stuff? ive seen on here about getting with a mulch place to take them but, do they take just good stuff or do they take pinestraw/leaves/grass mixed? please help. i dont want to over charge the customer because i dont have an efficient way of doing this!
  2. STAN1366

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    How much 'bagging' are you doing? What kind of machines do you use? If you double cut and then use the bagger it'll reduce the volume of clippings you need to remove. I sometimes use an OCDC the first cut and then side discharge when I re-cut it the second time. I also use double blades which reduses the amount of clippings too. On most of my accounts I can dump the clippings in the woods. The others I can leave for the garbage man to take. The ones close to home I'll bag just to add to my compost pile at home.
  3. Carolina Cutter

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    I sell my customers on the mulch method. I do not usually take clippings with me. If a customer wants it bagged I use their disposal of the city services.
  4. Branchland

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    If possiable, sell them on mulching. Go to your couty's extention offices web site and look at the info from NCSU. They'll tell you it's better to mulch and it can give you some good info to help sell mulching. If you have to bag I don't know. I try to come up with a good size load before I go dump and I have several places I can go. Try to find out if there are any private landfills around your area that might be closer. I have one in Kernersville and it's a litle higher than Winston's city recycling center but it worth paying a cuple dollars more not spending the time on the road.
  5. Mo Green

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    I would try to sell the mulching idea, too. Or, ask the customer if they would like to start a compost pile on their property somewhere. Also, as you pick up new customers, don't give them the bagging option.
  6. Triple L

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    One of my buddies own's a couple of acres that backs on to the grand river, so I just dump them down. Eventually they will build up and that he wan't to build a deck that goes right out to the river. He let's me dump my clipping for free as long as I cut one of his commercial properties. It only takes about 1.5 hours. I say that's pretty cheap disposal. I got a 42" walker GHS. most times I fill my 16' trailer right up. the walker is parked on top of the clippings
  7. MImowerkid

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    I have to bag them most of the time it really stinks!
  8. B&B Lndscpng & Lwn Srvc

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    I bag all my lawns unless requested not to which is rare. I leave clippings on the curb in areas where city picks up. If not i add it to compost pile at shop unless customer wants it dumped in theirs.
  9. dishboy

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    I would be careful about dumping close to a river and then posting it here. EPA will very likely frown on this and at the very least make you clean up your dump site.
  10. man of stihl

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    we have a few spots we rotate. of course of have way less clipipings then u guys do.. due the amount of lawns i mow.. no one has said anything yet. i think im gonna try to push the mulching idea this season and see how it workx out.

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