What do you do with your worms in winter

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by ICT Bill, Sep 8, 2008.

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    I have an adhoc worm pile, I noticed a bunch in a pile of compost early in the season and just went with it, it has grown into a pile about 2 feet tall and 6 ft by 6 ft and there are lots and lots of worms in there (I'll take a count later, 1, 2, 3..... 4993, 4994, ring ring dam where was I)

    I don't really have anywhere inside for them, the garage is not heated but it never freezes in there

    Could I just put them in the middle of the compost pile ( 2 - 4x4x4 piles) and see how it turns out in the spring?

    They are just worms afterall, could I just leave them where they are, they have probably figured this cold weather thing out by now after several hundred million years

    Sorry TG you will have to look that word up "winter" and "cold" :laugh:
  2. Tim Wilson

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    We do know cold and winter. Our worms live in a 'slightly' heated barn over the winter, however we also have a few piles kicking around outside and come spring the worms in them seem fine. Some people do put them into an active warm compost pile over winter. I always intended to dig a pit and put worms in there over winter to see how they do. ...but didn't
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    I say just add some green manure to one side of the pile and make sure it is large so to hold the heat, maybe a soil heater( found that one when I searched winter) other than that, worms do fine out side all the time I guess, every one says they are eating the northern forest......
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    Opening up my garden in the spring I find them coiled up just below the frozen earth level. Up here we can keep the ground from freezing with a thick layer of leaves or other mulch. Whether the worms are active with soil temps below 50 degrees F. Don't know.

    TG - Worms are NOT eating your Southern Forests. :laugh: They are not eating my tender garden seedlings either.
  5. Dean of Green

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    "What do you do with your worms in winter"

    Casseroles and stews mostly. The others do just fine, like tg said, in a pile with an active side to it. They will find the temperature they desire.

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    mine r in the house
    with every other dang critter i have

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