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    Hey guys and gals, i know everyone hates these threads, but what the heck. I know how to figure my cost and I know what I need to charge to make money in this scenario, but I would like some feed back from you all. I have a church that I am already taking care of everything for them maintence wise. It is aprox. 4 acres of cutting now spread out over an eight to ten acre campus and I am charging $120 week for just the cutting of this property. My question is, what would you charge to add a field that is 4 acres large? No obsticles, just run and gun cutting. I have a bid filled out, just want to make sure that I am getting all that I can with out going over. Thanks in advance.
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    Since you are already there at the propoerty, I would charge an additional x hours of equipment and overhead costs plus your x hours of labor costs. In other words, if it takes you an extra 1 1/2 hours to cut it, and your costs and labor rate is $60 an hour, then it would be another $90 to cut it. Depends on your time estimate. How smooth if the field. You might have to consider the extra wear and tear ont he equipment if it is a bumpy rough field. Hopefully, it is nothing but nice, smooth grass that you can cut at WOT.
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    Your charging $30 and acre now, which seems real low to me but it might just be my area. So just keep with your $30 an acre and charge them another $120.

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    Thanks guys. The figure that I was working towards was $150. That times 40 cur ts a year should yield me another $6,000/year or $500/mth. I know things may seem a little low, and they are, but I came in on this one with having to match the current guys rates. I will slowly regain my extra cash through additional services and yearly increases.

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