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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LP, Feb 28, 2003.

  1. LP

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    You solicit a big job and they call you to bid on it and during your tour of the facilities the manager tells you who is doing the service presently and in the last 3 years no-one has come within 3000.00 a year of his price. You do some checking and find out the guy is not lic. to spray and you submit your bid and notify the bus. manager of this new's and he tells you right away to go and look at his personal property and give him a price and he eventually notifies you that you had the lowest bid but he has decided to stick with his regular guy, but come back and bid again next year, keep in mind this is a food plant and the truth of the matter is because I did not agree to do this guy's property for free, is why I did not win the bid I believe! So what do you do?
  2. pjslawncare/landscap

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    Move on to the next prospective customer.
  3. LB Landscaping

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    I agree move on, there are plenty of others out there. It's too bad that they wasted your time.
  4. MattW

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    we all get the walmart shoppers looking for the best possible bargins.

    Let me tell a short story that goes w/ business. (perspectively speaking)

    I have noticed that bidding jobs, there are 3 bids to propertys,

    1.) The cheap bid, the guy that is just starting out, will work for dirt, prob not allot of experiance, do a so so job, and cheap parts.

    2.) The mid bid, the guy that needs the work, bid it to what it should be, gonna work his butt off, has quite a bit of knoweledge, and do a great job.

    3.) The extreme bid, the guy that has so much work that it doesn't matter if he gets the job or not (but for that big extra profit he'll take it to the bank)

    So the point of the matter is "cheap isn't everything" "you get what you pay for" "and does guy #1 have insurance?"

    So with that in mind I usually put that out to customers when I know when I hand them an estimate that mine was a bit higher (usually you can tell). but 7 out of 10 will take the knowlegdeable info you gave them and put it to use, putting you in the middle!

    Hope this info helps out on some next estimates. (works for me! *note: might not work on all potential customers "use at own risk" lol)

    Thanks again, Green Grass Irrigation & Lawn Care
  5. Randy Scott

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    You notify the people that actually care about certification, the state. Don't waste your time telling the property owner, they don't care.

    Lastly, walk away. Certainly don't waste your time bidding next year either.
  6. 1grnlwn

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    Add his yard to the business price and then tell him you think you can give him a really good deal at home. If you don't get it turn the other guy in.
  7. PR0 TURF

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    If the account was going to be big enough and there looked to be a nice profit coming from it then i would not have a problem with taking care of the property managers place for a discounted rate. I liked the idea of adding his price to the intial bid. However...it all depends on how good the job you were bidding on was gonna be.:blob4:
  8. LP

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    Yea, the biggest problem was after cutting back on profit to be competetive there was no room for taking care of his property for free, and the other note is that since this guy just works for this company and is not the owner, I do not believe it's right to charge this company to do his yard and if that's what I must do to get a job, I dont need it, I would much rather maintain my integrity and sleep good at night!
  9. djsmokin

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    Lee...You owe it to yourself and all the other legal operators to report this guy to the state. What's the point of trying to be legal and have a lic and insurance if it is only going to cost you work?

    State makes you get a lic in that business to show the public you are safe right? Burn him and that company. They are showing no respect for you operators now that they know he doe's not have a lic.
  10. HOMER

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    Sad thing is.........that's how business works sometimes. I don't have any of these type customers but regardless if he owns the company or not........he's in charge of the bidding. He was however abusing his authority but he ain't the only one out there that does that. If the money is right I can keep my integrity and pay bills and sleep at night knowing my bills are paid.

    Sometimes you just gotta play the game!

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