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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Husky, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. Husky

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    If I send a crew out around here I nail 60$ an hour base line. I usually try and charge more than that (40.00) per man on the norm, others say they can't get it, I think they are giving me a hard time. Its a shame that we can't trust eachother enough to let others know what we get per man per hour. I understand competition is a pain, but around here there is more than enough demand for work where we only cross eachother once a month, and these are the larger companies.

    Well, what do you get? What do you charge a man hour? Does it change for mowing, hedges(which I've been swamped in lately and have posted earlier) landscaping? go for it, different types of charging? is landscaping bid completely different for you? tell tell.....TRUST OTHERS .......................sometimes.....

  2. DanG

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    I charge the same amount for all my services. ($40.00 per man hour)

    It does't matter if i'm mowing, trimming shrubs or string trimming etc..( the only time i make more is in the winter plowing)

    Why should i get less money to operate a trimmer/ edger/ hedge clippers etc then to run my mowers?
    When i'm using these tools my mowers are sitting idle and not making me any money.
    If i didn't get paid the same for them why should i do those jobs when i could be making more money doing something else.

  3. Expert Lawns

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    Landscaping - $60/hr

    LawnCare - most of my lawns I can get done in 20-40 minutes. $25 minimum, $40 is my highest, so I guess i make just over a dollar a minute doing lawncare and that is ok with me
  4. JimLewis

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    Well, you'll find this varies a lot on lawnsite and the answers you get may not at all apply to your situation. We all have drastically different costs for things like dumping debris, vehicle expenses, insurance, licensing fees & requirements, labor pool, etc. And THEN we all live in different areas where things like demand and supply are radically different. So by telling you what I make here in Tigard Oregon may not help you in the least. Our situations are drastically different on at least several of the above items.

    That being said, we make an avg. of $30 per man hour for our maintenance crews (that includes down time like picking up the trailers, dumping, paid 30 min. lunches, breaks, etc.). We make $35-45 per hour for landscape construction stuff (plus mark-up on plants and materials) and we make $48 per man hour for irrigation work.

    There are sooooo many factors that will determine how much you can get away with charging. But first, it's a good idea to total up exactly what you NEED to make in order to pay for everything you should be paying for. Even if you aren't paying for all of these things now, you should factor in all taxes, unemployment matched taxes, worker's comp., all vehicle expenses, all dumping expenses, labor, cell phones, utilities related to the business, licenses, fees, bond fee, equipment, maintenance on equipment, etc. etc. etc..... Once you have a good estimate on monthly expenses for all of these things, then you can break it all down and figure out how much you need to make.

    THEN, you can start figuring out how much you can GET AWAY with making. What determines that is;
    a) local demand
    b) local supply (how much competition there is)
    c) how well known you are
    c) your reputation
    d) what kind of area you live in
    e) the local economy.

    If you've been swamped lately, that's a good indicator that demand is high and supply is not keeping up with it. That's good news! You can charge more!

    The more people see your trucks around (if they are lettered and painted properly) then the more well known you become and people associate your company with one that's established and worthy of paying more for. So again, you can charge more!

    If you also have a good reputation (e.g. word of mouth, referrals, people driving by and seeing your good work and also seeing your signs or trucks to associate the good work with) then you can also charge more!

    You should just experiment with these things. The busier you get and the more calls you begin to get - then you can charge a little more if you want to. OR, if you're making good money at your current rates, you can just keep those rates and just land a high percentage of the jobs you bid. That's always been my goal. I'd rather make decent money and rapidly expand my business than make a killing but only land a small percentage of my bids and grow slowly.

    I've kind of done a mixture of the two over the years. I've increased our prices accordingly as we've become more well known and we developed a good reputation. But I haven't gone up nearly as much as I could have because I still wanted to be seen as a company who was somewhat affordable and wanted to expand rapidly - which is exactly what has happened.
  5. jaredslawncare

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    Commercially I shoot for about $50 but I on residential account I settle for $40
  6. NCSULandscaper

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    I try to get atleast $65 per hour for maintenance and install work.
    Mowing i charge by the job with a $30 minimum and usually $75 to an acre.
  7. FrankenScagMachines

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    Mowing I like to see at least $40 an hour after travel time so estimate the lawn at $1 to $1.25 a minute onsite time and it works out to about $40-45 an hour, sometimes more after travel.
  8. GLAN

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    I trim a house myself. I can do $150 per the hour.

    I don't charge by the hour. Nothing I do is realy by the hour. I would never tell a customer "this is what it will cost based on an hour"

    Not everyone trims shrubs the same. I have seen over the years many butchers. We are artisins at trimming. That is how I price.

    weekly maintenance. In another thread I said I get $2.50 an minute. That is a crew, not a single person. That $2.50 a minute lowers a bit as the property gets larger.

    Fertilizer. I charge min $10 per thousand. That lowers as the area to apply gets larger.

    I do full service nothing but full service. That is what we estimate on. Sure I have less than 2% of the total that are only the spring/fall cleanups and weekly. They are also located within a group. Most of them that do not sign up for the entire package next year, bye bye.

    This is 27 years that I am in business. A degree in horticulture, Uniforms. Blah, blah, blah.

    We do the kind of work that most wish they could.

    I don't lower our standards for anyone. In fact we set the standard.
  9. Husky

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    don't give up on this thread yet!!
  10. I charge $45 hr for clean ups and hedge trimming.
    We just finished our special of $25 hr hedge trimming.

    People pay the $45 hr as long as we work. I see the competion charging $75 hr and standing around on the clock.

    Kinda Pisses the cusomer off to see that

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