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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OnMyOwn, Jul 9, 2005.

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    Miscellaneous services in Central IN - I'm collecting $40.00, or more per hour. This includes shrubs, leaves, miscellaneous clean-ups, gutter cleaning, etc.

    I thought it might be interesting to see who is leaving money on the table, or, if in fact I'm leaving money on the table.
  2. All_Clear

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    On avg. i am doing $35-$60 hr depending on the job for misc. jobs. Gutter cleaning is my most profitable. I charge a min. of $50 most $50 homes only take 20 - 30 mins. If only i could line up a few gutter cleanings everyday for the entire yr payup I wouldnt bother with other services. Sounds like your right in there for Indiana.

  3. eruuska

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    Gutter cleaning can be very lucrative, and a lot of people want it done. I just had a 2-sided flyer go out in 2 of the local papers. Side 1 offers special pricing on aeration, overseeding and fall fert. Side 2 lists a lot of our other services. So far out of 3 calls I've had today, 2 are for gutter cleaning.

    I don't charge by the hour, always by the job. If I can walk the roof, it's either .50 or .75 per linear foot. If I can't walk the roof, it's .75 or 1.00 per linear foot. All this is with a $40.00 minimum.

    I get up on the roof, clean out what I can by hand and toss it down. Then I get my blower and blow out the rest. Then I rinse all the left-over crap down with a hose. When I'm finally down, I blow off any debris that landed on the drive, sidewalk or deck. I did one yesterday, 120 linear feet, $60.00. Took almost an hour, so I exceeded $60/hour. I did one a couple months ago, $162.00, took an hour and ten minutes. That guy grumbled a little, but he's not the one who's risking a fall from 25 feet. I did NOT apologize for my price.

    Go get 'em guys!

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