What Do You Guys Do For Cash In The Winter

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BISHOP, Jan 12, 2002.

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    Muddle? did the king of winter cash flow say muddle?

    Plowing can be decent money and I've yet to find an opportunity that didn't involve hassles. Worst part is its hit or miss. This year for us its been miss. Last year was a lot more friendly. The idea of making enough in season to cover the year is a hell of an idea. Why didn't I think of that:rolleyes:

    BISHOP LawnSite Member
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    I can make my funds last thru the year but I'm looking for a opportunity such as: holiday decorating or something else to bring in income thru the winter.

    Any side opportunities like this work for you guys?

  3. 65hoss

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    Sleep, play on computer, tinker in shop, occassional leaf job (if I want to), etc.

    As said above, learn to incorporate all your 12 month expenses into the 9 months you work. Then just enjoy the time off.
  4. A1 Lawn@Landscapes

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    I am a tax preparer for the winter. I stop working late Nov early Dec, Take my yearly update seminar, The work from January till I get busy again. It works out well for me. If anyone has any tax questions, get in touch with me. I either know the answer, or it is in my library of reference books.
    You can start by taking the H&R tax course for $99.00 in the fall 2 nights per week. Kerry

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    Why not get some of your larger accts on a 12 month payment plan. What I do is figure about how much a client will spend in a typical year and divide that figure by 12 months. That's how much I can expect each month from that client. Before the last payment ( normally Dec. ) I'll total what my services cost for the year and adjust for that month. Then start all over again in Jan. Ten checks averaging $250/month come in handy when there's a foot of snow on the ground!!!!!

  6. Snow removal is just not very profitable here.

    I do "extras" for customers that I can do after mowing stops.
    I'll sell them on the project in the summer, then save them for fall.

    Last year I started core aeration. I paid off the aerator, plus made a profit.

    One year I installed pea gravel all around a factory I mow. It cut my trimming time to about zero, plus they paid me to do it! That was a very profitable November.

    Last fall I did some tree and brush removal for customers.

    Of course I do leaves.

    I'm thinking about doing topdressing, with a sand/compost mix.

    I've also considered selling firewood. Not cutting it, just buying a semi load fron that wood place in Latham OH, then delivering it.

    Here's a picture of the factory with the gravel. It's river gravel, and I think it looks pretty good. It's been there two years, with no maintenance.


    outside wall stone.jpg

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    Dave-- Looks nice. Grass looks even better!! What do you put on it to make it that lush???

  8. Nebraska

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    Here's one that you probally haven't thought of.

    Chimney Sweeping.

    When I first started in business for myself I started out doing Chimney Sweeping. This was part time before I took the big plunge...For a year we only were doing Chimney Sweeping then later one summer about July 4 I had a crazy idea and ran a classified add for Lawn Care....Eight months later I left my corporate sales job for Lawn Care!! Have loved it so much and never looked back!

    The Chimney Sweeping basically keeps myself from getting bored in the winter...I am the only one that does it; none of my 2 employees take part in the operation. It has not grown very rapidly because of the minimal effort I put towards marketing it...In fact this will probally be the last year I do it because it seems to take away from my core business; I get a better ROI on my Lawn Care efforts.....

    It's an idea...
  9. Nebraska

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    Plowing is GREAT MONEY!! We do pretty well with that if it would ever SNOW!!!!

    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
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    Dave Haggerty, try to get the snowplowing for the National weather service lot. It is small and the guy gets $300.00 for less than 15 minutes of plowing!

    I do snow removal. Also Ohio. Went out 3 times this year. Made my truck payments for 3 months. Big money-no. Time consuming-no. About 16 hrs. Big hassle-no. I had to plow for 6 hrs after an 8 hr shift, then do another 8. I was tired, but it was only 3 days all winter so far. Plowing IS worth it, but for extra cash. Not dependable enough for steady income.
    I do sheet metal fabrication and installation for winter work. I sat home last year for 1 month and was going stir crazy. I just have to stay busy. Might as well get paid for it.;)

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