What do you guys do to find a employee?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by arl250, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. arl250

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    So here's my situation. It's just me and one guy now. My right hand man haha. I want to keep it that way just having one guy but my deal is. The guy that helps me is a pretty decent worker and does a pretty good job. I feel like I take care of him pretty dang good. But you just never know what he might get into the night before and he'll show up so sleepy he falls asleep on the way out or maybe he shows up 15 min late like every day. I mean he's a good guy pretty much all my customers like him. He's actually became a good friend over the three years he's helped me. But my point is that I have became so busy that I don't have time to wait around every morning wondering if I'm going to have help today or not. I've told him about this plenty of times but I don't think it gets through to him. There's several times I've had to go to his house and wake him up. I know I've been to nice to him. But i mean I need the help so I can't just fire him. And I swear I've brought on other guys through out the summer this year just to help out when we got behind and dang it made me feel like my current guy is great lol. I mean finding help is just impossible around here I guess that's why I over look him sleeping late and stuff. So far this year I think he's actually laid out four or five times. Most of the time he shows up it's just he's always late.
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    You have to wake him up at his house and you consider him a good employee?
  3. Charles

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    You're better off just keeping all the business you alone can handle. One more person is not going to make you all that much extra money
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    I knew someone would say that lol. Trust me if you knew how bad the other part time hands have been this year you would consider him good too lol. Heck one guy after telling him I didn't need him( his work absolutely sucked and I know he had to be on drugs or something) he came into my Rd sideways on purpose at 6:15 one morning and was hoping to run through my yard but ended up in the neighbors. I'm telling you man people around here are either crack heads or already have a good job. There's no in between
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    I get finding quality employees is hard in this industry. Possibly the biggest hurdle there is.

    They are out there though, you just need to figure out what it takes to find and retain them.
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    Yeah it's really tough too. Because it can be balls to the wall at times and then really slow at times as well. Honestly sometimes I loose sleep because I'm worried I won't have help the next day. I know that's crazy but I tend to over worry about that type of thing.
  7. arl250

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    You're right you don't make a lot of extra money but the fact that by the time I get home I'm not so beat I can't enjoy time with the family is worth it to me.. but I also service a bunch of larger properties and two mowers just makes things so much faster. It's amazing I think
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    Our only hope will come if government handouts stop. The chance of that is slim but we have our only chance with Trump. In meantime got to hire from outside of country.
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    maybe start an hour later and finish an hour later? i dunno maybe he'll show up on time then?
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    Why not work alone one day when he doesnt show up? He looses a days pay and possibly realizes your serious about being on time.

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