What do you guys do with your excavators?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Husky05, Mar 30, 2011.

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    I've got a mini Bobcat 335 with thumb. I bought it for difficult tree removals on hillsides and for helping with demo and cutting in roads. I found that it is excellent for pulling up boulders which I can sell or use on my own ranch. I used it for some demo earlier this year and found that for loading stumps into my dump trailer, I can be alot more precise.

    I have also used the angle blade for grading my 1/2 mile of gravel road. Not as fast as the Bobcat and landplane but if I have to move the machine to another part of the 100 ac, I might as well grade and clean out ditches.

    It's been handy for digging graves for horses and dogs and for cleaning out our stock tank and creeks after flooding. In the winter we plant a lot of trees with it digging 5x5x4 holes in rocky ground. I'm still learning a lot about it but I tinted the windows dark for the heat of summer and in the winter I open the cab and enjoy the weather. I plan on getting a mulcher eventually but I already have too many attachments/machines and I'm just one guy right now.

    I'd like to have a small horizontal grinder and use it to load trees. That would be my ultimate setup for the work I do.

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