What do you guys make of this?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Envy Lawn Service, Jun 8, 2006.


What do you make of this?

  1. Phenomenon between fuels?

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  2. High BP fuel evaporation rate?

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  3. Octane cheating at the BP station?

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  4. Cheater gallon settings at the pump? (recall I'm not filling full tanks)

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  1. Envy Lawn Service

    Envy Lawn Service LawnSite Fanatic
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    OK, for a long time now I have ran BP/Amoco 93 fuel in my equipment. Seems the 'white' premium gas eliminates a lot of the carb problems from fuel gunk, varnish, film, ect.

    Funny thing is that my truck runs like crap on it. Spark knocks and such, and there is a noticable loss in HP. Fords just don't seem to like it much. But that works out for me OK because I don't personally like filling the mowers and the truck at the same stop, and it's easy to alternate... truck needs topping off a lot less often, LOL. So I stop at a Citgo station and fill the truck. Runs like a champ on that stuff.

    Well anyways, I noticed it seemed like my mower fuel consumption per hour was really climbing, and I recalled one time that I stopped to fill a Z tank at a Sunoco station on the way to a steep job because I forgot to stop and fill the empty tank at the BP... and it seemed that tank lasted forever.

    So I had tried everything, and one day this week I happened to be in a similar situation, so I put 5 gallons of Citgo 93 in one empty tank, switched to it and recorded hours. I usually only go 5 or 6 gallons per empty 7 gallon tank, as I want to do what I can to reduce the possiblity of leaks on these goat hills... A HABIT I PICKED UP WITH THE LEAKY YAZOO'S AND NEVER KICKED.

    So anyways, at BP 93 I've been getting 5, sometimes 6 gallons per tank for a while now to keep me going between passes by... and I've been doing good to get 4-5 hours per tank. 1.25 gal/hr or worse... and the best I recorded in a while was in the peak of drought and cool weather... 1.19 Gal/Hr or 4.2 hrs on 5 Gal.

    Well, low and behold, what do you guess I got out of that 5 gallons of Citgo 93?
    5.4 hrs!!!
    Under a gallon per hour.

    Heck I couldn't get that out of 6 gallons of BP. No way. Straining to get 5 hrs.

    Anyways, what do you guys make of this???

    Phenomenon between fuels?
    High BP fuel evaporation rate?
    Octane cheating at the BP station?
    Cheater gallon settings at the BP? (recall I'm not filling full tanks)
  2. MOW ED

    MOW ED LawnSite Fanatic
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    Don't they check the pumps in your community? We have a dude that goes and makes sure every pump is within a certain tolerance for amount delivered. The station gets a sticker to put on the pump. I know the guy and he tells me that most stations are good, funny thing is that he found one station that was actually OVER. Damn, pay for a gallon and get one and a quarter gallons. He saved them lots of money.

    I never bought into the gimmic gas like Amocos stuff. I have run on 87 for the whole time in everything I own. I never even thought to do some tests with midgrade or premium. For the most part at lower octane, gas is gas. You wouldn't run racing fuel in a stock Pinto would ya?:laugh: If you feel you are being cheated, volume wise, I would go the the local city and ask if there is a standards and measurements department that handles those complaints. Hey look on the bright side, you can buy cheaper gas and put more money in your pocket and not BP's.:usflag:
  3. PJDiesel

    PJDiesel LawnSite Member
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    No advantage (economy wise) to running higher octane. It's not an urban myth, it's a proven fact.

    It's a matter of time before they (at least) drop mid grade, if not both 90 & 92 octane. Nothing that the higher octane's are offering can't be bought in a bottle to add to your fuel for cheaper.

    I've even read where 92+ octane can cause an engine to run LESS efficient.....

    This doesn't address you contamination, just thought I would share.
  4. PJDiesel

    PJDiesel LawnSite Member
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    Oh, on the tank that lasted "forever" there are too many variables to know. Weather & terrain alone play a huge part.
  5. LawnBrother

    LawnBrother LawnSite Senior Member
    from SW Ohio
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    There is a difference between fuels from different companies regarding the types of detergents and additives used. I used to have a Porsche that ran really bad on Shell gas, but would run great on anythng else, no matter what octane it was, it just ran terrible on Shell. Regarding the increased fuel consumption, again I think it is a difference between fuels. If you really think there is a discrepancy with that BP stations pumps, call your county auditor. All pumps here are inspected by someone from weights and measures regularly.

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