what do you guys think about lesco?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cash_money, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. cash_money

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    what do you guys think about lesco products like there z two mowers,anbody have any pics of stripes?also what do you think bout there trimmers, blowers, and there hand held trimmer edgers compared to my stihls? anybody use there aerators good or not?
  2. lawnspecialties

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    A couple of years ago when I had an M60 Cub Cadet, it appeared the Lesco products were the same (rebadged). Seemed pretty good though.
  3. SouthernYankee

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    I have a 48" wb with a 15hp kawi. Its been a solid mower, I havent had to fix a single thing on it and I have been happy.

    Also I have a Lesco edger and hedge trimmer which have been trouble free.

    The biggest problem people have with Lesco is that not all Lescos have a mechanic on staff or they offer poor service. Its best to check that you can get good service before you an of their equipment, since many other non- lesco dealers wont service Lesco products.
  4. Precision

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    The Lesco mowers I have used are definately a step up from the garbage they sell at Homer or any homeowner equipment. They definately are not on the level of a Toro, Scag, Gravely, Exmark, Grasshopper or the like.

    Are you willing to be your own mechanic?
    Are you willing to trade the upfront price savings for shorter lifespan and greater down time (since you will be the mechanic).

    Like all things in life it is a compromise. One that I would not make. But I also would not own a Simplicity, Husky or other second tier mower. My theory is buy the best I can afford and use it like the dickens and it will more than pay for itself.
  5. daveyo

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    A lot of crews around here use Lesco mowers. Nothing wrong with them talking to the other guys around here. Another landscaper friend of mine just purchased the Ztwo, they cut 90 yards a week with it, no problems. Ztwo 54 I forget what hp, out the door 6000 grand. Depending on my crew and property scenario for the up coming season I'll probably purchase the 54" for one of the crews in Jan.

    O'Donnell Landscaping
  6. The landscaper

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    I have a couple older 48" walk behinds. No problems from them. They stripe very nice without any kind of striping kit.
  7. DynaMow

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    i use a Lesco 48" w/b hydro, very fine mower. I do not understand why you would put them second tier. But all I own is a 48", no experience with that bigger stuff.

    Heres the skinny. Lesco is a NE Ohio based company. under that umbrella is a company called Commercial Turf Products in Streetsboro Ohio, they produce Lesco equipment. Cub Cadet products come out of this same facility. This facility also manufactured commercial products for MTD as they tried to become part of the commercial market. In 2004 this partnership ended, as of what I know they (MTD) do not produce any commercial products at this point. Now here is the problem with Lesco products. They are fazing out stocking an inventory of parts, you will need to order them off their website shipped to your door. Also doing the same with service techs at most of their facilities. In Twinsburg they have released their service tech and now they do not offer service on spot they will transfer your equipment to a designated service facility, preform maintenance, and return ship. I fix all my own stuff so the service is not a problem for me, but at times I have needed parts now and waiting for days to receive I do not like. Transferring service equipment just adds down time, and you do not get to meet the guy working on your stuff, I would not like that. Other shops have no listings on these products so things as easy as a belt can sometimes be more difficult than need be.

    I would not hesitate to buy a Lesco product on quality of product. I do not think I would buy a Lesco product because of their service and part inventory strategy.

    I beleive there are 4 major things to consider on a mower purchase:
    * The type of engine
    * The hydro units used
    * Steel thickness
    * Comfort and ease of use
  8. mak2

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    I have bought two things in recent histroy that were just junk. One was a dodge van and the other was a cub cadet string trimmer. My string trimmer was stolen off the trailer while I was mowing, so I went to a box store and bought the top of the line Cub, thinking it would be a good backup. For nearly $300.00 it never ran more than 10 min. JUNK!!!! would have had to mail it to have it fixed. Luckly Lowes took it back No problem.. Cub cadet just said mail it in. I did ask the guy on the phone how I was suppose to trim that day. Maybe I got the only bad one, but it was so bad.
  9. geogunn

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    mak2--so a cub cadet trimmer that you bought at LOWES was made by LESCO? correct?

    do you have an idea of what you are talking about? if you claim you do, please provide evidence that you do.

    for example, I just went by my LESCO store yesterday. and there was not a CUB CADET trimmer in the whole place. so I have to go to LOWES to buy a LESCO trimmer made by CUB CADET? true or not?

  10. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well Precision, we agree on many things here. But I guess this just aint gonna be one of them. I had similar mindset and made mistake after mistake in my buying decisions. I probably never would have tried Lesco mowers had I not been coaxed into it during my last round of shopping. I just got fed up with the local dealers, and it was then I said what the heck and took a ride to demo one. I wrote the check that day.

    All in all, what I have learned is that you have to take a strong look at 'who' you are buying from. You have to do your best to select someone who will take care of you after the sale. It seems different Lesco stores vary in quality service just as bad as independent dealers. So just because I get good service doesn't mean others will at their local location.

    Next, you have to take the same strong look at the MFG and their track record for building quality equipment and standing behind those that fall short.

    Then, I think beyond that, you gotta forget about what the Jones' are running or what the popular name brand is. You gotta select a dealer, MFG and product that fits your needs best overall.

    Now, my Lesco service center is 80 miles away. Not at all convienent. But they treat me good. They do what they can to make the distance less of an issue. That's a plus. Also, all these mowers have a good track record. Especially the Z-Two/TANK. That's another plus.

    But for me, the thing that really tops it off is that personally, I have found my Z-Two to actually be a better performer in the field than say the eXmark. I've also found it to be way-way more efficent and productive. So it is way-way more cost effective to use per hour and over the long haul as well.

    And this all goes without saying that the initial investment is thousands less...
    Up until now, this has been something I have refused to consider in my buying decisions.
    But not anymore.

    In a plainly put comparison, I have not found a single thing on the Lesco that is not just as good or better than the eXmark. (well except the deck does not float as easily) In addition, the 23/52 eXmark burns 1.25 gallons an hour side discharging while the 25/60 Lesco burns about 1 gallon an hour, even with the mulch kit installed. Plus, in that same hour, the Lesco will produce more than double the amount of finish-cut grass than the eXmark.... even with the mulch kit installed. No more double or triple cutting on many lawns in order to achieve finish-cut results, ect.

    I certainly take nothing away from the eXmark or the other big brand names.
    But the two mowers are not even in the same league in my opinion.

    SO FAR, I have been nothing but pleased with the Lesco in comparison.
    I certainly hope that does not change.

    To me it's really hard to beat being this pleased with a mower's performance while also having it be so much more cost effective to boot. But at the same time, I still do not suffer from brand loyalty blindness. I haven't owned it long enough to even be nearing that stage, nor will I allow myself to become that way in years to come. I'll still be considering other brands next time around.

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