What do you guys think about this belt drive?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by syzer, Feb 20, 2001.

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    My brother and I went out yesterday to pick up a second walk behind before the season starts so we can really hammer out some lawns. 2k was our budget. We looked at two 61" hydro scags. Both were 95 models he told us and they were beat to hell. They also had a 52" toro proline which looked like it was beat with a bat. He wanted 1350.00 for that.

    We passed up the deal and called a guy we bought the scag off of last year who has a pretty big outfit here in MD. We remember he had another WB last year hesaid he would sell us. We went up to check it out and it was another Toro Proline. Very excellent shape i might add. The asking price was 1600 dollars and he threw in a used lesco back pack blower. Mower looks like its brand new and has a 12.5 hp kawasaki. What do you guys think? I hated belts but this is pretty nice with the variable speed. I will post pictures in a little while.

    Chris Pasko
    Precision Landscaping.
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    sounds like a killer deal to me considering your spending limit. you have cash left over. hydro beats belt but this machine will make you good money.

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    Toro, for some reason, always had a rather efficicient system for their belts. If I'm not mistaken, I think they were the first ones to have the "double-wide" drives on their mowers.
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    I currently run three of those OLD Prolines and one new one. They wont keep up with the lazers, but they cut really nice, are easy to take care of and are nearly indestructable. I sold two old ones last year that sound like the scags you described(beat to you know what) and the phone rang off the hook. I actually had a bidding war between a couple of guys and got about what you are paying.I think you got a good deal on a good mower.
  5. The key to making Toro belts run fast is the traction belt (engine to trans belt).

    One should install a new belt ($9) at the beginning of each season on all front line units.

    By changing any older units (they dont die if you take care of them) from a manual tension setup to the newer idler arm and spring set up takes out the Achilles heel and extends transmission input shaft life.
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    I owned a belt drive and would never own another one. Hydro's are the only way to go as far as w/b's go. I'm sure this is not what you want to hear. If the belt is all you can afford, than go for it. Good luck.
  7. syzer

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    I would have loved to get a hydro but we just shelled out about 17k last year for all new equiptment including our new chariot =) from great dane. I will scimp for now.

    Chris Pasko

    Precision Landscaping.
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    Uh i think the post says 52" ............YEP its a 52"

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