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What do you guys think about this mower as a start?


LawnSite Member
Columbus Ohio
Can't tell ya much as I have never run that brand of mower. If it runs solid and doesn't need anything it's probably a good buy as a starting mower at that price. Just check everything over, spindles and such. I have had marginal luck with B&S engines at best, but I can't judge all of them by my experience. If you can get him to knock a hundred or so off I think it'd be a good start for you.


LawnSite Member
Dayton, OH
It looks older so I would offer him 500 for it if it checks out. I run some older stuff so don't be afraid as long as it is in good shape. It would beat the heck out of a push mower.


LawnSite Fanatic
for the price its a good deal but it might be better to spend a little more on a newer used model