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What do you guys think about this mower?


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Shelby Twp, MI
Looking at a 2003 52" Exmark rider w/factory 25hp kohler has 1,000 hours on it. New parts that were put on recently left side wheel pump and wheel motor this fall ($1500), the muffler ($150), both handle dampeners ($70), the transmisson belt and the deck belt ($60) and installed a brand new seat ($250). Mowers in good condition and comes with 90 day guarantee on anything. Sellers asking $4,000 but is negotiable. What do you guys think? will offer him lower


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To much. I bought a Wright Stander 52/23 kawi for $5200 with 23 hours, a grass gobbler and 3 sets of new blades! I know its a dif mower but you can find a way better deal.


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Kohler 25's had some 'woes'..but not sure what years or if all years? something to do with 20hp bored out and leaving to little mating surface for head gasket. Just what I heard. Also the spark mod went out alot? basing this just on his/her say so..I got rid of my 25 couple years ago.


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Nope, the seller appears to be trying to recover the cost of those
replacement parts on top of what the machine is worth, no deal.

Yea I know its to high for what it is. I was thinkin its worth 3g's for the year and hours
In that case the seller should have been asking for 3, not 4.

Better off keep looking.
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