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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pencap43, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. pencap43

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    ok...so I just purchased a new mower today - I decided to go with the wright stander 19hp kaw with the 52in rapid height deck. Price came out to $6100 with the bagger so just wondering if I got a good deal...anyone else like the rapid height - i'm just curious on how it holds up and how the spindles hold up since they don't have greaseable fittings?? thanks for the help
  2. TPLawnPro

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    I have a 36" Stander w/ Rapid-Hite and 17hp Kaw. It works great for me. It's too soon to tell whether there would be any trouble with the spindles or not. One thing is for sure though - this machine is a beast.

    Sounds to me like you got a fair price on your machine.
  3. topsites

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    I have sealed bearings on my prolines, best I can tell you is avoid heavy dust situations such as yards that consist of little actual turf but plenty of bare spots (or very thinned out)... Yes, I understand there is always some dust, but I'm talking about those lots that stir up clouds of it... The dust is fine enough to get in between the sealed bearings mechanisms and IMO will wear them prematurely.

    In my first years I did a LOT of dusty jobs, bearings would still last a good season, but once I started requiring a minimum quality turf from my customers before I will consider services, I haven't replaced a set in 3 years...

    So they apparently last a long time, it's not beyond the DIY'er to replace them but at least on the proline it's a pita process involving about a dozen steps that must be done in the exact order and about 3-4 special tools, the first set took me 8 hours lol but the 2nd took 4 and the 3rd set even less time, and dealers claim 2-4 hours labor is about normal, per set.

    Beyond that, I'd say you didn't get ripped off, for a Wright Stander that price sounds about right, seems like the something for nothing deals aren't happening but I'd say you did good. One thing I found when I bought my Z last year is everybody was paying a whole lot of money for them until I bought mine, then suddenly it seemed everyone else was getting better deals than I ;)
  4. pencap43

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    thanks for the feedback...i know what you mean about those dusty conditions. i hate doing lawns that are like that especially in the hot dry summer! I never really thought that the dust would affect the spindels - just clog up the air filter...but i guess conditions like that do harm to the entire machine. I have a 2000 series cadet (20hp kol with 48in) that i am going to use on yards like that so i'll see what happens!!

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