What do you guys use for log sheets??

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CMLawnServices, Apr 16, 2006.

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    I have been completing spring clean ups for the past couple weeks and have only encountered one problem. I need to create a log sheet of some type for each job that I perform just to make it easier on myself when it comes to billing time. Does anyone use a certain form that they could attach for me to get some ideas? Any comments will help. Im just trying to make the business as organized as I can. Thanks.
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    I buy my log sheets from Staples.
    It is a faded yellow National Brand 6-column Premium Analysis Pad by Avery Dennison.
    Be careful, they make different kinds, I always get the 6-column one that is 8.5 x 11
    Item No. 45-306
    Link follows but be aware the picture is of the wrong one:
    The 6-column pad fits inside a standard school binder, you can find a decent one with cover and zipper (keeps from getting dirty or wet in rain) at Big Lots for under 5 dollars, it's called the Five Star by Meade and comes in various cool colors and lasts many years.

    These things are like a computer spreadsheet but on paper, you can cross-reference everything you need, customers go on the left-most vertical column while days of week go on the top-most horizontal row so the 6 columns serve for Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat
    It even has numbers down the columns so as you fill in your customers, you can see at a glance how many accounts you have. And yes you can flip over to the back side as well, 40 accounts fit on each side, 41 if you use the extra space.

    Way I work it, in the little boxes where things cross-reference to day and customer, I put a checkmark which means DO it, when the job is done I cross the check so it looks like an X which means DONE, and when it is paid for I circle the checked-X so it's hard to describe but it's kinda a circled-X and it means DONE AND PAID.

    One pad has 50 sheets so it lasts a year easy, I usually buy 3-4 or 6 at a time or so.
    Actual account information per customer goes in a separate notebook which I also keep inside the binder, I use their last names and sometimes initials or whatever to remember who is who on the analysis pad, just a simple entry for the one line / customer basically.

    While at Big Lots, get a small stack of 150 or so (loose leaf) notebook filler papers so you can put that in the binder.
    This is good for estimates and notes and other scratch.

    Awesome stuff, no computer or software required.
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    I created an excel spreadsheet to record my mileage and time for each job every day. I loaded it on my pocket pc and carry it with me everywhere. At the end of the day, I sync with my desktop, which in turn updates my other spreadsheets and pivot tables.
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    I created my own with Excel. It has a place for the names of crew members, customer name, job performed, and times. Helps great when it comes time to enter everything in the system. Plus I have a paper record and electronic one for those times of lost information.
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    We use the calendar feature on palm pilots. The cheap ones on ebay are about $100. I store all my customers info on them too and sync it to the computer daily for a back-up.

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