What do you guys use to mow steep slopes?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Novaowner, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Novaowner

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    I mean like 20-25 feet high slopes at about 40-60 degrees? I don't think a pushmower or self propelled mower would stay on the turf without wanting to slide down if I were to try and mow horizontally. Vertically, I might be able to go up but coming down would be a bear!....to say the least. I don't want to use a weedeater, it would look pretty rough. I know a ZTR couldn't handle it as well as any other riding mower. Is there any walk behind mower that could handle these slopes or what else is there??
  2. TXNSLighting

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    The trimmer is the only thing you could use. maybe a very light push.
  3. Post Mowing

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    we have a yard like this you get real good with the weedeater real fast. two guys can "mow'' it fast
  4. Novaowner

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    I was afraid of that...the possibility of having to use a string trimmer. There's alot of area that is sloped, something around 18,000 sq. feet. I was hoping there was something else that would work. Thanks for the responses!
  5. bgent

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    well if you have enough cash laying around you can get a boom mower. it mounts on a tractor. or you can use an excavator (track hoe) with the boom mower attatchment. matter of fact I have a very similar job coming up that I'm renting one for. costs just under 700 bucks a day to rent around here. but they're not too easy to come by. hope that helps, good luck man
  6. ke5hbd

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    String trimmer on slopes that steep. I have a set of clamp on cleats i use when doing steep hills like this.

    I don't like mowing anything steep and will always resort to a hand held trimmer.

    Be safe because it only takes one wrong step and you will end up under what ever your trying to use.

    If your going to try the z wear your seat belt and make sure your ROPS are safe and secure.

    I would only mow up and down and not side to side.

    Just my comment and we all need to be safe so we can see our families at the end of the work day.
  7. green-pa

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    I have one property that was murder going side to side cause of the terrible angle on the edge/side. It's like up on a hill. I found a way to push up and then down, back and forth 'til I get it all. This is with a 21. I wouldn't dare try that with a 470 lbs wb, but I'm not sure what they can do since I don't have one YET. I take a break about 1/2 way through to get back my wind and recoup. Takes some arm and legg strength but I manage. Would wanna ask any girl or un-fit person to do it. I've also thought about using a trimmer but it's faster with the mower. If it was much steeper I'd have to use a trimmer.
  8. SSS 18734

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    There is a church right next to my house that has a hill just like the one you are describing. But it is right in front of the church, so I imagine that is why they get it cut. The guys that have the contract use walk behinds to cut it, and boy do they look unhappy doing it. I know I would be...
  9. txgrassguy

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    Simple, use a hover mower.
    Husky makes them, as well as Allen - which is the one my crew uses.
    We have several 3/4 acre retention ponds which have steep slopes so all the crew does is attach a rope to the handle and walk around the top. Need to mow lower, let out more rope.
    Best thing is these mowers float so if you have grass growing out in the water just let the mower hover out there and cut.
  10. Novaowner

    Novaowner LawnSite Member
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    At first I thought you were being smart, until I did a search and found them! I can't believe it. I see eastman industries carries them online. How expensive were the ones you purchased?....and thanks for the info!

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