What do you include in your bid?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by slimart01, Feb 19, 2008.

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    Ofcourse, Co. info. and customer info. but when you price the bid do you just give the "each visit" price or monthly (which doesn't always work because there are 5 weeks in some months) or what?
    Should you give a price for weekly and bi-weekly?
    Should you give the price just for mowing and/or the price for mowing with mulch/straw included?
    I was thinking about giving the price for the entire season and giving a pre-pay price for the entire season?

    Will this clutter the paper or should they be expecting these numbers?

    I know a lot of the confusion would be dismissed if I talked to the manager and was told there expectations before submiting my bid. But I want to have a generic bid proposal for those situations where the receptionist says "I know we are accepting bids but Tom the manager is not in".
  2. grass-scapes

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    Everything depends on what your customer is looking for. For monthly price, 5 weeks or 4 in a month makes no difference at all. You are adding up all your services you do in the year and dividing that price by 12.

    I would not add mulch into the price of the bid. some do, some don't. When you give the price, give the total for the year, then give them the monthly price. Then, if you offer a pre-pay, tack on a small discount.

    Make sure you list out what you intend to do on your quote. If you just say "weekly service" and someone elses weekly service has less in it, you will be dismissed as high priced. force them to compare apples to apples.
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    I think the first thing you should do is find out what are the requirements they are expecting. Ask for a bid sheet it should have what they want if they are taking bids they should have one somewhere
    I don't think you can give a competitive bid if you don't know what they want.
    One guy gives them a price for just mow and blow
    Another guy gives them the full meal deal with mulch/fert and such
    Do they want a mow and blow or the full meal deal?
    As far as payment options Id give them a price for the season/year and offer a % discount if paid in full by ____ date If they want to break it down monthly or however you want to bill them Most companies prefer monthly billing(at least around here)
    If your just going to give them a price on mowing only Id add a clause about mulch/straw would be extra and billed separately Just to keep everybody on the same page
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    force them to compare apples to apples.

    this is very important so they know why your price is what it is. several times i have been contacted to learn i was high bidder, but was offering more services and when apples were to apples i still got the bid due to the others did not offer as wide of a rage of service and what not.
  5. GreenSouth Landscapes

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    Or you get the customers that spend countless hours coming up with a scope of work to give interested parties and then hire some company that did not meet any of the criteria layed out for them in the scope of work. I put in a bid for 7 apartment complexes that were owned by the same company, they gave me a scope of work and i beat all competitors pricing and followed the scope of work to the "T" and they wasted not only my time but everyone else's time that bid on the job. Why go through the trouble if you are not going to follow your own scope of work and then just hire whoever you feel like.

    I can send you my template for bidding that i use. I have picked up 12 commercial acounts in 6 months thanks to this template. EDIT:with only part time sales.

    Also uniforms help a lot when meeting with potential clients.
  6. barefeetny

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    Right on with apple to apples

    one clause i find frustrating is provide these services at a minimum

    Now i offer more services and am the high bidder
    Its tough because alot of the times the people writing the specs have no clue what they are talking about

    Don't belive me... find a southern property management company who manages a property in the northeast...

    they come up with snow guidelines that make sense to noone

    My personal favorite... a zero snow policy that forbid plowing between 9pm and 8 am....

    I too have a template that i have used with some success

    greensouth..... i would love to see yours.... i'll show you mine :O

  7. GreenSouth Landscapes

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    I'll send it to you in a pm in the next couple of days.
  8. Greenery

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  9. tmc8524

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    Hey Green South, think you could send me the template? I'm in the same boat as Slim and not quite sure what a bid should look like. I'm wanting to try some bidding next year.
  10. luckydooley

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    Hey GreenSouth, mind sending me a copy? Thanks!

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