What do you include with your estimates?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JimLewis, Feb 21, 2001.

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    Hey, just wanted to compare notes on what you guys include with your estimate package when you leave one for a potential customer who's not home. I've seen some companies who leave an entire presentation folder with an estimate and 5 other pages of information, testimonials, etc. about the company. Then I've seen others who simply write it on blank form and that's it.

    If I leave someone an estimate for lawn care I include the two estimates (one for each of the two packages we offer) and a business card. I reference the web site on the estimates and point them to the site for references, pictures, etc. Then I leave my biz card and I put all this in an envelope and leave it taped to the door.

    Side note: I learned long ago that if you don't leave an estimate in an envelope, other landscapers will take a peek at it.

    Anyway, just curious what kind of stuff you guys leave people.
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    If they aren't going to be there, I try to specifically find out what they are looking for. I will price that and then if anything else should be done I will put that in as a side item. IE aerating, mulching, seeding, etc. I put mine in an envelope also. If someone is doing a bid they don't know what is inside and they may not destroy it. I have seen my bid replaced with someone elses.
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    I like the idea of using company envelopes when leaving proposals. I will try this. In the past we just tri-folded them and stapled a biz card to them.

    Mowing & Edging
    Spring Clean-Up
    Pruning & Shearing
    Fall Clean-Up

    April: Fertilizer w/ Crabgrass Control
    May: Fertilizer w/ Weed Control
    June: Fertilizer w/ Surface Insect Control
    Sept.: Fertilizer w/ Weed Control
    Oct.: Fertilizer w/ Winterizer
    Grub Control

    Core Aeration:
    Granular Lime:
    Pelletized Lime:

    Thanks for the idea and hope this helps Jim.

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  4. JimLewis

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    Thanks for the input so far. But just to further explain what I was looking for; I was mostly interested in what you all included IN ADDITION TO your estimate. That is, do you put it in a nice folder? Do you leave it in an envelope? Do you include additional papers with info on your company, testimonials, etc.? Do you include a business card?

    The reason I asked was I know a few companies in my area who leave this really nice, professional folders with tons of papers in them. They must spend $2 on every bid they make, just in the presentation. Typically these are used on the bids they give to the $500K and up homes. It seems like a lot of extra crap to me, but I wondered if it was effective.
  5. kutnkru

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    Sorry about the confusion Jim.

    To answer the ORIGINAL question, NO I would not leave them with this abundance of overflowing garble to have them discard information that may have been beneficial at a later date.

    Instead I would leave them the other information throughout the season say 3 weeks prior to the times you plan to render those services.

    I would consider plotting advertising your "flyers" like this:
    Spring Clean-Up: April
    Aeration: May
    Landscaping: June
    Over-Seeding: September
    Fall Clean-Up: October

    I think that by putting your name out say every 4-5 weeks that you will find better results than all at once in the beginning of the season.

    Just my .02
  6. GreenQuest Lawn

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    I usually throw in a business card, newsletter an explanation of services and a referance sheet (ref sheet only comm. accts.)

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