What do you include with your estimates?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MICHPLOWER, Jan 23, 2011.


    MICHPLOWER LawnSite Member
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    I was just wondering what everyone includes or leaves with the client when estimating a new job. Thanks for any input.
  2. h2oskier

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    A fruit cake if i really would prefer not to do the job.:laugh::laugh::laugh:
  3. Baytownlawncare

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    I personally quote for my basic lawn service. Cut all grassy areas, Trim around all buildings, trees, fences etc., edge all cement areas that touch the lawn, clearing off such cement areas(blow). Flower Beds are not included, Herbicide is not included, and shrub trimming is not included. Now if they ask for these to be included, I will put it in the quote. I try to get on board with the basic stuff and then add in all the goodies later. Kinda like a car salesman get you to buy a car and then says well this one has leather and power seats and windows! I have found if you quote a large price for the yard and all the bells and whistles you lose the bid. I have also found that if someone says, "I will call you" or "I will keep you in mind" that usually means you don't get the job. If they don't hire you on the spot that is a good indication that you don't get the bid. Just my 2 cents.
  4. 93Chevy

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    Yeah....I don't add leaves into my quote. Additionally, I never charge extra to catch. Unless the customer says fro the getgo they want their lawn caught, I just give them a price and it's my responsibility to discharge, double cut, or catch depending on the growth. If they ask for a leaf quote I'll add it in, but I don't like to quote leaves without seeing them first.
  5. yardguy28

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    what i leave in an estimate depends on what the person is asking for.

    if they want an estimate on mowing, shrub prunning and leaves, thats what the estimate includes. if all they are looking for is mowing give them an estimate for just mowing.
  6. Sutherland

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    Whenever I get a call for a mowing estimate I include pruning, edging, mulch in my estimate. My thought is when their looking out on their yard on a Saturday morning and its 80-90 degrees its gonna be easier to call me to do it then get out there and do it themselves. I cleared and extra 5 figures last year from giving my customers the information. I've never had a customer complain either, simply including the information on the bid isn't being pushy just informative.

    Whatever season it is or service they're asking for I include information for the next season/service. I've got my foot in the door I'm not gonna miss the opportunity. I think this shows your looking out for their property as well (all in how you sell it).
  7. yardguy28

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    my thinking is if they want prices on mulch or pruning they can ask me. they already know what i do. either they've seen my advertising or i give them a list of services i offer.

    not to mention some people save estimates in there lock box for future reference. upon hiring they might want the mowing estimate because they feel they need something in paper to hold me to that price. they don't want a paper that has all these other prices on it. just a paper with a mowing price.
  8. Sutherland

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    Sure and I can understand that, but I like to be more active in my sales its just good business. I say let them save my estimate that means they're calling me when they want the work hopefully. They can't hold you to a price on an estimate.

    This is all just my style everyone plays it differently. I try and go the extra mile with everything. I'll do quick landscape designs to upsell after pruning or mulching too. I just feel you have the service to offer and it's your job to make sure they know about it, assuming they read your sign or flyer isn't proactive.
  9. J.L.M.

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    I have 3 basic services, and just ask my customers which one of them fits their needs the best. Here they are, feel free to use them.........

    * “Mow & Go” (Mow and edge all turfs, blow off all turfs and hardscapes, remove grass clippings after each service visit.)

    * “Turf & Bed” (Mow and edge all turfs. Rake, weed, and detail all beds. Fertilize turf 3-5 times a year, or as needed. Blow off all property, and remove debris from property after each service visit.)

    * “Full Maintenance” (Mow and edge all turfs. Rake, weed, and detail all beds. Fertilize turf 3-5 times a year, or as needed. Keep all bushes, shrubs, hedges, plants, and trees under 8 feet pruned, shaped, and maintained during each service visit. Blow off property and remove debris.)

    * One time services (Leaf blowing & clean-up, major yard clean ups, fall clean-up. Mow & Edge, weeding, weed control, spraying. Hedge Trimming, bush trimming & Bush removal. Bark, chips, and rock spreading. Debris removal & hauling, Etc.)
  10. yardguy28

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    i didn't get into business to be a salesman. so up selling is not something i do very hard.

    clients or potential clients are made aware of the services i offer and it is up to them whether they ask me about them and get prices from me about them.

    i offer 2 service packages. basic and premium. basic being your average mow, trim, blow and go. premium being all the services i offer. everything is also offered ala carte.

    if i wanted to be a salesman i would have gone into sales. but i started this business to cut grass. you ask me for a quote on cutting the grass thats what you get. you want your shrubs prunned, you need to ask me.

    i provide service for all walks of life. so how your propery looks doesn't not matter anymore to me than it does to you. if your ok with just knocking the grass down once a week fine, if you want your whole property perfectly manicured from week to week i can do that too. but unless you give me free range and say do what you think needs to be done and invoice me, it's up to you to ask for stuff.

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