What do you mean your turning down work?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meathead1134, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. meathead1134

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    I was approached by a fellow coworker who has been trying to get me to cut his mothers grass for 2 seasons now and I keep telling him no thanks. There just happen to be another coworker standing by him (an older gentlemen) "What do you mean your going to turn down work" I live in attleboro and the work that he wants me to do is in grafton which is about 41.63 miles from my house. I have a $35.00 minimum. I tell him time is money and thats out of target area. He tells me "take all the work you can because you have to take the crap work in order to get your name out there for the good work". I told him do you know much it would cost me in fuel to drive that far out there cut the grass and drive home? It's 41.63 miles from my house 1 way @ 2.59 a gallon of gas @ 10 miles per gallon it would cost me $21.24 for fuel for the truck. Plus approx 51 minutes of windshield time each way. I told him that I would be losing money If I took this as an account. He tells me to think about it on the way home. I told him I could squeeze in several accounts closer together than to drive out to that 1 account. He thinks that I am still making a mistake. I tell him time is money and I don't work for free. I have learned not spread my self out to thin because it will just hurt me in the long run. BTW I have advertised for the first time in 2 seasons and the calls are coming in. I'd figure I share the story with everyone. The grass is finally starting to grow, I should be cutting in about 2 weeks :clapping: :clapping: Time to start on those cleanups tonight :clapping: :dancing:
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    83 miles round trip .... ha ....that's too funny ... that guy just don't want to run out that far too cut it himself

    That's one thing I just don't do ...cut grass fore friends ..... cut my folks home but that's like 3 miles away n have a brother lives bout 8 miles from me but he has another service do his ... it's just better that way
  3. MJLsLawnCareNmoreLLC

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    It's his mom's house. If he is that worried about it getting cut, he should just go do it himself. He simply just doesnt want to make the drive out there either.
  4. NNJLandman

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    tell him he can take the trip himself after friday if he tops off the equipment he used, that being the truck, mower, trimmer, blower...they all gotta come back to the lot FULL.
  5. MSS Mow

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    Hey, you wouldn't mind coming to Maine to mow my mom's lawn? For your minumum $35.00 of course. You're only about 7 hours away. Don't forget, you need to take the crap lawns to get the good ones. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  6. AL Inc

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    Meathead- The beautiful thing about being self employed is that YOU make the decisions..If this guy thinks he knows better, he can start his own outfit. I've heard all sorts of things to that effect over the years. I have two ex employees that tried their own businesses, one can't pick up enough work, and the other called me yesterday for a job. I guess it isn't as easy as everyone thinks.
  7. topsites

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    Somedays when this stuff comes my way, I feel like I was being too nice and should've quoted at least 20 percent higher.

    But yeah, I get it too... Sometimes I think about saying if you think it's such a good deal, pay yourself the money and do it.
    If you think I am stupid and you think it should be different, maybe you should start your own business. (Say it like I mean it, but this one would secretly amuse me highly).

    And, don't negotiate my price.
  8. GrassBustersLawn

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    Tell him to CALL HIS MOMMY on the PHONE and tell her to go outside and THROW A ROCK. If where she lives is like my area, no matter how weak a throwing arm she has, she is bound to hit an LCO. Then when he comes over to tell her that she hit him with the rock, she can ask him to mow.

    Problem solved.

  9. CutInEdge Lawn Care

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    Yes I will mow your moms yard. My min is $35 + $22 fuel surcharge = $57/cut. I can start next week on Thurs. This offer is good for the next hour. Let me know before we leave work so I can put on my schedule.

    However, if your business model does not include this type of service. dont bend.

    I have a neighbor that is always borrowing this or that. Always jiving me about mowing his yard while I do mine. Says with that big mower will only take you a few min. One day his mower was broke, so he comes and asks me to knock his yard down(free).

    I loaned him my old 21" Toro. He couldnt even top off the fuel he used.

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