what do you pay employess???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ryanc, Aug 11, 2013.

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    If I had employees. I'd start at $8.50. Then after a year of good work $10 or $11. I'm not looking to pay $15+ to anyone. I want the kiss project. Keep it simple stupid. For now atleast. ;) I see more money in my area keeping it mid range not getting ahead of myself. Though I do give major props to those who build huge companies and stay happy profitable and sane.
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    If you run your company as lawn service low rates will cut it I guess but when you run a business you don't have the time to deal with the problems low rate employees bring. I start my guys out as trainees at 12.50 and progress them on up. I have guys running mowers making over 20 a hour with full benefits. I also pay my guys on production so if they finish 8 hours of work in 6 they get paid for 8 and we all go home. I give Christmas bonuses and profit sharing to my guys also and have not lost one employ in 13 years. I learned early on not to be selfish and my company benefits.
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    Wow. $20 an hour. I'd like to work for you my man.

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    I have never had a full-time employee to date. However, I have had some part-time employees. I usually pay them around $8.00 to $9.00 per hour. The minimum wage in Missouri is $7.25 per hour but I know how hard the work is and I have a hard time paying anyone minimum wage to break their back. If you want to attract and retain good employees you are going to have to pay them well. If you take care of them, they will take care of you, in my opinion.
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    I have 2 guys and paying out $12/hour. I can't see how anyone can work a full week at $10/hour and live. I am really wanting to go to a performance based pay scale for next year. If I had my choice in the matter I would love to pay guys $20/hour but have yet to find one who is worth that much.
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    Wow, well done! Do you mind sharing a little info on how your profit sharing works or at least pointing me in the right direction? Thanks.

    The guys make anywhere from $12-$13 with crew leaders making around $15 with an average of 5 hrs OT each week.
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    I can't think of a good reason why to pay my crew members a percentage of the take. Too much confusion I would think. And really is that even legal. Unless you pay your guys off the books the wrong way of doing buisness I don't see the point. Just pay your guys a decent wage and keep it simple for you and your crew members. Extra things like performance bonus and profit sharing helps keep the guys happy. I pay my guys in a range of 10.50hr up till 14hr right now and everyone is gonna climb the pay ladder ad they progress in experience and loyalty and performance. I agree with some others you got to think about your employees and not be selfish also.:waving:

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    I use and will always stick with the hourly rate. The fluctuation of pay will be frustrating for the employees who are living paycheck to paycheck. "Sorry hunny I only made minimum wage this week, can you pay the mortgage?"

    Auto salesman ," OK just show me your pay stubs and we can get you out of here today. Oh, why did you make like $280.00 this week and $600.00 the next? Without a consistent check we can't give you a loan, Sorry."

    It can also be problems because of wage differences. For example what is your foreman going to get $15 per property and your helper get $9? It's a lot to keep track of.

    I start employees from about $8.25-$10.00. Foreman/supervisor and up- pay starts at $12.50- low $20.00ish( in my region SE NC) I have never hired a leader with lots of experience though. I usually start them out as a helper and train them myself to be a foreman

    If they are not hitting production time on a consistent basis then 1 of 2 things is happening. 1) Your expectations as an owner are too high. 2) Employee doesn't have what it takes. Likely #2 is the answer. Don't offer extra incentive to do a job you higher ed them for.

    When I question production I : Sit down with employee and tell him he is not meeting my expectations and ask them if he is sure he really wants this job, if you want it you can continue but I want more effort. You can spy on them while they are on the clock and think no one is around (serious suspected offender lol). Or just fire them.
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    I think this is why a lot of you guys have problems in this business my guys always get payed for 40 hours regardless. So they have steady income there checks are the same no matter what. I just pay them off production same as the trash companies once you finish the route they go home no matter what time it is for a full days pay. I pay my guys well so I don't have any employee turn over. The profit sharing is at the end of the year once the books are done for the year and my projected profit was exceeded I pay them a bonus. Most of my guys get about5 k on a average year .
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    Wow 5k bonus I try to give my guys $500 at the end of year. You must do well congrats. I try to do little things from month to month for them also, but mostly a extra 20 or something or gift cards etc.

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