what do you pay employess???

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by ryanc, Aug 11, 2013.

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    I only do commercial and got really lucky with some huge accounts the economy really helped me in the aspect of business development due to large HOA, CDD's and CAM's . Many of the large developments got rid of there
    property maintenance guys and started contracting the work out and I was at the right place at the right time.
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    I pay hourly rate and give a bonus if they work hard each day and all week
    They show up on time and give me 100% I buy there lunch each day and at end of week do all that and I don't get any calls to revisit a customer I'll fill there car up on Fridays
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    I'm still heavily thinking about doing an hourly base pay, plus a small percentage of the job. It will complicate payroll. So I'm not 100% set on it yet. We currently have a " low guy, middle guy, and crew leader". So figuring out how to achieve different pay rates on a commission based pay system is throwing me off.

    I see a lot of pros and cons in it. Biggest problem I have seen, Spanish folks are simple, they don't seem to understand complex pay systems well

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    I figured out how you are doing this. You're the only employee. I know where you are and I'm not buying it. SKB lost a $1M account last year because they were under bid by 20%. They picked up the account initially by dropping the price 20%. That's the nature of this business these days. Now if you're doing this with high end install work, maybe. But not cutting HOA grass. Also, " when the works done they go home " is a bit vague. Just how many days per week do your "guys" go home early. The big boys are cutting everyone's throat , quality is at an all time low, and the customers don't really care. We are almost totally price driven here in Atlanta and I doubt your area is much different.
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    Sounds quite suspicious to me as well. 5K bonus?? okay! lol
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    Driver, operator $12.50
    Small equipment operator $11.00
    Helper $10-10.50
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    I pay them a fair wage.
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    Wow there are some on here paying close to 42K a year for being on a mower and watching some other monkeys wing around sticks. Damn, that is pretty impressive. I am wondering why more kids are going to college each year because on average a college graduate earns what $29-$30K a year? Who would of known that if the just skipped college altogether they could earn over $40K a year. I mean running a zero turn mower is a skill set that outweighs the skills of most colleg graduates right?:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    I do not care how good a employee is, there is a point where they reach a level in which they have reached their max and paying them more returns no more profit to you. This holds true outside of lawn care so it is not exclusive to this industry. There is a reason you do not walk into a 7-11 and find a cashier making $20 a hour. Because at some point along the line someone would understand that they can get someone to do all the task they do just as well for $11.00 a hour.

    With all that said I do not feel paying employees min. wage is the right thing but I also know there is a realistic rate you can expect to earn/pay for any position and I have a hard time believing anyone who claims to be paying a guy who runs mower and sticks over $40K a year...because if you claim you are paying $20 plus a hour....you are claiming that $20 X2080 hours a year = $41600. Damn that is some high priced lawn care :rolleyes:
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    That is only a $2.50 a hour bonus or so....so if you are paying $20.00 a hour it is not hard to believe that a person could earn $22.50 a hour for running a mower and driving a truck right?
  10. Landscape Poet

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