What do you put in your renewal letter?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by echeandia, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. echeandia

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    I am going into my second year and want to lock up my good customers for the upcoming season. I have read that many send out renewal letters but am not sure how to close the letter. Do I tell that that they should sign and return an enclosed agreement? Should they call me to confirm? Do I just show up and they should notify me if they don't want me to? I am getting ready to type the letter up and appreciate hearing how you do it. Thanks.
  2. lawnpro724

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    My contracts auto renew every year unless I receive a cancellation notice in writing 30 day's prior to the renewal date. Customers that I don't have signed contracts with have to call and cancel otherwise we show up and mow.
  3. Frue

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    In closing, maybe you have changed your mind about the services we provide. Please notify us before such and such date; otherwise we will be out in the spring to continue the service we provide for you. Again thank you for your business. Thats how I end my renewal letter or something like it
  4. LushGreenLawn

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    Why talk people out of your service? Do NOT put, cantact us before such and such a date if you wish to cancel.

    Simply put something to the effect of.... We thank you for your continued support. We will begin servicing your property the week of blah blah blah.

    If they want to cancel, they will call you, but don't suggest it.
  5. NC Greenscaper

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    We are basically the same as above, except we sent out a end of season letter letting them know that since the grass has gone dormant we have stopped thier service and will resume on a certain date unless notified otherwise.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    'Auto renew' or whatever you want to call it, its the way to do things. At my old job my boss insisted on sending out renewal letters....the results were always poor. Customers just don't get around to mailing them back in. I'm sure they must have read them but the response was pretty bad, which would cause my boss to freak out every year around March 1, thinking we'd lost 75% of our customers.

    Then I'd start calling them, emailing, etc. What an enormous waste of time.

    Just my two cents, but if a customer wants to cancel. then let them call and cancel. Don't make it convenient for them.
  7. echeandia

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    Do you use a mail-merge to put the customers name and address on the letter or do you just make it a generic Dear Valued Customer?

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