What do you really big companies mow with?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by punk_rockin2001, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. punk_rockin2001

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    What brand of mower do the really big companies use? I have no idea how many larger companies are on here so we'll just say anyone w/150 plus yards. In my town there are 2 really big companies and a bunch of small ones. The two large ones have about 1500 yards combined, and both of them use all Exmark ztr's and lesco walk behinds. Everyone else uses a variety of "other" mowers and the differences are huge. The exmark yards are far superior to any other mower, although the people using the other mowers have many many more years experience than the bigger companies high school employees. The reason I ask is whenever someone puts a "which mower is better" thread up you always get the same answers, everyone likes their own mower. I might get the same response with this thread but I thought it might change it up a bit by finding out what the really huge companies use compared to the little guys. So you big guys tell us how many yards you have and what kind of mower you use!
  2. tacoma200

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    I call them like I see them. I've noted the weak points on every mower I've ever owned but they all have strong points also. But right now Exmark is still the best seller. Does that mean they are the best, no. And I couldn't tell you which one is right now. All seem to have strong points and weaknesses. So far for me Hustler has been the most comfortable but lacks in cut and power. Exmark has been the best cut for me but is not as comfortable. I like Scags but I haven't been comfortable with the layout on them yet. Dixies seem to be great mowers but they win the ugly contest every year but Grasshopper gives it a run for the money. Ford, Chevy, Dodge question.......
  3. traman

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    of the biggest companies around here that do 90%commercial and 10% common areas use scag mowers
  4. punk_rockin2001

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    The Hustler does seem to be the best run for the money, and is extremely comfy like Tacoma said but the QOC just isn't there in comparison. But with the new Triton fiasco who knows where exmark is going.
  5. LawnGuy73

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    Same as around here, Scag and Lesco mowers.
  6. Jpocket

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    Around here the big dogs run either Exmark or Scag. Most smaller outfits do the same...but you will see all kinds. I have a friends who runs 2 JD 777 and 797's. I have noticed a couple of outfits with DIXIE CHOPPERS, but I have YET to see a Dixie dealer.

    Around here lesco machines are in a distant 3rd behind Exmark and Scag.
  7. puppypaws

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    My guess is Hustler is in the extreme testing mode as we speak and they will have a more suitable cutting deck for different needs in 2007. We have had a lot of extremes in cutting conditions all over the US this year and I'm still not sure there is a deck that can match speed and all cutting conditions for different grasses. Tacoma, what do you think your Hustler would cut like with your Exmark deck under it and could it handle the speed? It sounds like the Ultra Cut might keep to much grass stuck to the deck to utilize much speed.
  8. ChadsLawn

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    Luke brothers use all Scags and Mexicans.. I applied there fro a job when I lost my full time job and before I re-started my lawn business. They never called.I called them and the lady was never in.
    Theres the Budd group, they use Scags as well.
    Also Nanaks they run toro,exmark and today I saw them with a Chopper
  9. tacoma200

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    In our grasses the Hustler with a deck like the ultracut would be a perfect match but it needs about 35 hp. I can't cut at high speeds around here with any mower right now (maybe a Dixie). The grass is just too lush and growing too fast. I know you run full stick but I don't think I could run full stick even with a 35 hp. I have been watching Dixies actually pushing grass with the front of the decks where is is so damp and thick. Like I said in another post though a little smoother cut and about 35 hp and the Hustler would be hard to beat! As Shady Brook has pointed out 28-30 isn't even enough power for this beast. Probably the best hill holding ZTR also but doesn't have the power (due to the high gearing) to go up any incline without loosing power. We haven't had dry slow growth conditions in a long time so that would make a big difference. Probably rained 15 of the last 20 days. I'm not bashing Hustler, there on the right track and eventually they will have a larger vertical engine to power this baby.
  10. MMLawn

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    Then it's by market/low bid then because here I have seen them using exmark, and JD

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