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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by paul, Oct 24, 2001.

  1. paul

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    Crystal Ball time Guys and Gals!!!!!!!!!!

    End of the year is comming fast, snow starting soon, time to start putting our rakes and shovels away and mounting plows.

    Listening to the news last night (Lawnsite was down) I heard a disturbing fact, home foreclosers are up 20%, housing starts nation wide are down and desposable income is at it's lowest in 15 years. The debt load carried (non secured) by people is at it's highest ever.

    Ok now the question, how is this going to effect your company?
  2. kutnkru

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    If by Novembers end we are not having the Blizzard conditions I desire this season, I am going back to driving OTr and may just hire enough guys to run things in the spring and stay on the road for a season or two.

    This way I should at least be able to tuck a little coin away without having to eat the barrel of the gun.

  3. kris

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    Snow is here already:mad: Have had about 8cm here the last two days.

    That is disturbing news .... We are fortunate here in that we are still in boom times here in Alberta.

    I have seen bad times before and it gets rough.... back in the 80's prices seem to drop to what they were 5 years before.
  4. cp

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    I haven't been around long enough to say one way or the other but I can say that here in Virginia that what I'm seeing is good. Gas prices are at year end lowest, we're starting to break ground on an 81 lot subdivision, calls from new clients and yearly contracts are picking up.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm new so everything is an increase but I am serious about things not slowing down here.

    I say the hell with those terrorists and the Anthrax keep on trucking.

  5. Stonehenge

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    For snow removal, not at all!! :)

    But I intend to spend much more time this off-season pursuing commercial work, and bumping the marketing effort for residentials.

    We're just finishing our best year to date, so it's hard to gauge the negative effects of what's coming, though I'm sure it will make things tougher. My hope is that by reaching out to more people, we can continue to grow.

    During economic slowdowns, marketing efforts should be increased, not curtailed.

    We expanded our product offerings this year, and intend to expand it further next year, trying to offer more uniqure, specialized services.

    Hopefully these things will result in continued growth in 2002!
  6. CHC

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    Every now & then we get a year that gives us some incentative to rethink our services & the direction we seem to be going. This year's drought in PA cost us about $40,000 in lost mowing revenue, but gained us about the same in new paver applications. Frankly, we found that we like the installation and paver stuff a lot. We'll spend the fall/winter evaluating our options. I suspect we'll cut back some in mowing and build up in hardscaping. The thinking right now is to pull back a bit on personnel and market the services costing us the least. We're looking forward to a good year!
  7. gusbuster

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    Speaking for my area, a recession is good for a lot of us. Why? People don't have the money to buy a bigger house. They instead re-model their existing homes. The contractors always manage to tear up the yard. Lot's of re-doing landscapes.

  8. steveair

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    I have had thoughts on the industry's boom before and say that the current situation is beginning to disturb me.

    In the past years, green industry growth has exploded. Now, with a possible recession, I often wonder if our market may be 'over flooded' for the coming times.

    There's a lot of new people out there now in our industry. If a slow down comes, I fear a lot of these new, less established companies are really going to feel the pinch.

    For the past years, we have been blessed with abundant work and people with abundant money. If things slow down, I wonder if this 'surge' in green industry business will be able to continue and as it has been.

    As of today, things seem to be stable. Still lots of work coming in, but I really wonder about next year the most. Next spring will be the real test.....how many calls are going to come in? More than the year before, as it has been, maybe the same, or last of all, less than before?

    I'm not going to worry for now, but will be keeping a close eyes on my spending this winter. I don't think I'm going to jump into any large acquistions until I see the work start to build up for next season.

    Still, I just hope as an industry, things will stay strong enough to support all of the previous years growth. A lot of guys out there these days...........I still always worry that the green industry's success over the past 5 years is part of a 'fad' that is pumped up beyond belief, and then the bottom drops out and nothing is left.......

  9. Lanelle

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    Things don't seem to be slowing down as much as might be expected. The recent tragedies have affected the way we do business since the military is in a high state of alert and that accounts for a significant portion of our work. Because we rely on several sectors of the business world for our work and not just residential, things seem a little steadier.
  10. Island Lawn

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    The rich get richer.........

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