what do you think a fair asking price would be??

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    Its a 04 Permagreen Ultra. It has over 570 hours on it. Replaced the motor last year with a new one from Permagreen. It has less then 100 hours on it.
    Starts on first pull every time. Newer tires on the front. The electric start does not work. Keep blowing the fuse so I disconnected it. Spray pump its about 2 yrs old, but I disconnected it due to the guys leaving it on when they stopped in the turf. Mainly used it for fert only. Spreads fert great.
    The trans locked up on us, so the mechanic took it off and could not see any problem so he put it back together. It freed up the trans but not it is hard to move.

    The owner was talking bout selling it and asked what I thought we should ask for it. I have no idea. I would love to let it fall off the truck on the interstate going about 70 mph. but that's another issue.

    Any ideas on a ballpark asking price?


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