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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by omanitsdan, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. omanitsdan

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    If a customer of yours (or potential customer) has a job that you are not ready to undertake, (taking down a tree, or something huge like that) do you generally just say i can't handle that and tell them to call bob's tree service, or do you contract bob's tree service? if you do contract, how do you go about charging the customer? tack on 30%? thanks
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    we just do them ourself. if job is to big for us, we contact a local tree service who gives us 10% off we get about 50-75 tree jobs a year, we were thinking of just buying a bucket truck to do the work ourself (bigger jobs)
  3. TSG

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    You also should look at you insurance policy to see if you are covered for that
    service. Many companies do not cover tree removal in your basic lawn care policy.
    There can also be an issue with workman's comp.

    Power washing is another such activity.

    Just a heads up.
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    When I was talking to my insurance man, he was informing me that it's Very expensive

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    I contact a tree company i've used before and refer them to my customers, & collect a 10% referral fee.

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