What do you think about the JD Z-traks?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cecilcountylco, Oct 31, 2003.

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    I was getting ready to buy a JD 757 z-trak. I wanted a Hustler Super Z, with the top speed (15mph), but I was concerned about quality of cut. Dealer in area (which sells both Hustler and Exmark), told me Exmark was the better ztr, better cut, but this particular model (don't remember exactly: Lazer-Z w/60" deck for about $8400). I have a JD lawn tractor, 4 yrs. old, and then looked at JD ZTRs, since perhaps JD dealer could take my old one off my hands. I was surprised at the price (for JD) for 757: $7299 w/60" deck, cheaper than Exmark, and $200 cheaper than the Hustler. Now I'm reading that the JD doesn't cut as well as the Exmark. Quality of cut is important if you're cutting professionally.
    Just how much worse (if at all) is the JD than an Exmark? Does anyone have experience seeing both in comparison?
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    the quality of cut on mine is fine, it throws clippings a long ways. What it lacks is the ablity to stripe as good as some of the other company's decks. It does ok sometimes and then sometimes not. I don;t think you would be dissapointed with the JD
  3. Some of us here on Lawnsite are looking for someone to buy a new 500 series Toro. They should have the cut quality of an Exmark and the durability of Toro. It has every indication of being the best ZTR ever built.
    It's even going to cost more than the Exmark. But I figure if I'm using a tool to earn money I want the best tool available to earn the most money possible. This ain't the time to be pinching pennies. It'll wind up costing you.
    Besides that JD tractor won't be hard to sell. You'll get more out of it than it's worth.
    You have a rather unique opportunity to jump from what is essentially homeowner grade equipment to some of the best professional grade equipment made.
    Even if you don't buy one, could you at least demo one and tell us what you thought?

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    Dont be brand loyal at the expense of your business. A couple of hundred dollars in savings spread out over the life of a mower is nothing. It sounds like you really want to go with deere if enough people can convince you that the negatives arent all that bad. This is not a good approach.
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    Get the JD and put MEG MO blades on and you will strip and out mow all the other mower you have look at. Check post My blades and see the MEG MO blades on the JD.
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    I'm very happy with my JD 757. As mentioned above, I'd put the quality of cut up next to any and you'll see the excellence, but Exmark is known to give better STRIPES. The bottom line is be sure YOU are happy with whatever decision you make. But be sure you have good dealer to support your decision. The best machine in the world is useless if you can't get parts and good service.
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    With MEG-MO blades on a John Deere I believe that your stripes will just as good or better as any exmark with OEM blades. And with MEG-MO's you won't have anymore lumps, clumps and won't have to clean mower deck.
  8. GLS

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    I own a 757

    Your best bet is to go out and demo some ztrs and see what you like best.

    About the quality of cut: I know a lot of people say that the 7-irons don't cut good, but I disagree. It leaves a very nice smooth cut, and it does stripe. Not as well as an exmark will, but that is not cut quality, that's just striping effect. You can always put some kind of striping kit on it.

    $7300 sounds like a great price. I paid $7500 and I thought I was getting a good deal:)

  9. qualitylandscaping

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    I have a JD 717 and can't say enough good things about it..
    I will post another picture of the stripes from it...

    Overall, a great mower

    picture 242.jpg
  10. qualitylandscaping

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    stripes... You can find more stripes by doing a search..

    picture 266.jpg

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