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What do you think about the Walker MT?


LawnSite Member
Hudson, Ohio
I need an opinion. I am in the market for a new Mower. I just started offering my services last year. My current equipment consists of a John Deere HD45 walk behind, Echo string trimmer, crappy craftsman blower, and a 5x8 trailer. I mowed 6 yards last season. None were bigger than 2 acres.This coming season i am going to market really good and hopefully land around 20-30 clients with 1 acre or less lawns. My Deere won't be able to handle that on its own. I am a one man operation, an owner/operator, so i need a mower that can perform many tasks aside from just cutting grass. I looked at the Walker line-up and liked the MT. Can you give me your opinions on them. Also, how can I land some commercial clients. You have to have a few of those.


LawnSite Member
I have 2 walker GHS 20 hp kholer. My walkers have been very reliable. I also own 2 Scag turf tigers 61" and 1 ferris 61" and a ferris 52". With the walker's deck being out in front of you, you can get into areas the others can't. I have a few commercial accounts and the walker is the machine that cuts them. The deck floats so you dont get the scapling, (but it will scalp if you get the thing bouncing) My walkers have the grass handling system so you have to bag the grass. I have left the door open before but not a good habit to get into. As far as adding attachments the only 1 i have is the dethatcher, I like it better then the jerco that I have for the Turf tiger. Asfar as obtaining some commercial accounts, well...... I'm not sure what type of area you live in. My only suggestion would be, try to net work with people you know at bussiness, or industrial parks. I do a lot of networking with other fellow landscapers and fertilizer guys, it's better to make friends then enemies.


LawnSite Member
I have a 99 GHS w/ about 3000 hours. I also have a 54 side discharge deck for it, that I no longer use. I only use this machine for bagging grass and leaf clean-up, the Exmarks cut everything else. It is a well designed machine that really shines in small lawns. (like you plan to target) It is also very productive for condo - townhouse type properties. The grass discharge is excellent, it doesn't blow grass 30 feet like an exmark (a plus in small yards). It has a lot of lube points that are not overly accessable. But greased properly will give very reliable operation. It is not as easy to jump on and learn as a mid mount, but it is much more precise of control once you master it. I would recommend it for a start up machine. They are expensive but the ability for leaf clean up would be a major cost benefit, as well as mentioned above, dethatching. I would suggest getting a second deck for side discharge. You'll want a 54 side dischrge not a 56, the 54 has a great cut and really does good in wet grass, not true w/ 56 in Midwest bluegrass. You can probably get a good used 54 flip up deck from a dealer. This machine should help you earn a quality reputation. Be careful going after H/O associations, it is not easy pleasing 30 plus home owners. I wouldn't be too concerned going after commercial at first. You have an advantage at the residential level that you will be on the job if the customer needs additional services, you can sell that on the same visit. Commercial accounts don't generally care who is on the job. Any other questions just ask, someone will be along to answer.