What do you think about this story?And what would you do?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by AB Lawn Care, May 1, 2000.

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    I started with 5 large clients close together. I could park my truck and do all five. Since February I have added 4 more cllients in this area. Now I have to move my truck twice. ( no problem, only two blocks for my convenience). Point is that I told my new accounts that the price they received was because I was already there and could only give them this price for that reason. They understand that if had to come out to do their home only it would cost more. <br> I make it a point to talk with my clients at least once a month. Sometimes I work on Sat. just because I know they are at home and it gives me a chance to say &quot;Hi, how are you today?&quot; . Sometimes I will cut a particular lawn after 5:00 just to talk with the client. On average the whole converstation only last five minutes and during this time I try to give them suggestion to make their lawn look nicer. More work for me; more money.<p>Good luck. and maybe try to be the one to instigate communications with you clients<p>Ssouth
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    AB: I would talk with your two property owners next to Condo man to see if they realy are in with him. Most likley they know nothing about him looking for deals that include thier properties.I charge by the hour an it doesn't make any differance how many properties are in a row.You still have to move all your equipment from one to the next as you go or else you spend lots of time walking back and forth getting tools.
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    i would have played along with giving him a bid when he didnt know who you werer then give him one slightly higher then what you do it for now and let him know that is the going market value, then he might realize that he is getting a deal now, remeber to play the quality card too, if your doing a good job then you have some good leverage, not all but most people that cut alot cheaper than market value are lacking in one area or another<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida
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    AB: Oh, I wasn't saying that YOU were charging a &quot;rich-tax&quot; - I just started rambling about how that drives me crazy - I too believe in standardized pricing (although Keith did made a good point).:)<p>cjcland: You think that would be a good idea? I don't know.....what if the guy started to recognize Adam after that point, sure gives him an excellent tool to use to persuade his neighbors: &quot;listen, Adam is dishonest, not only is he ripping us off, he tried to conceal it by pretending he was another contractor and giving me an outrageous price to trick me into sticking with his service. I don't want that kind of character working on my property. Com'on let's get someone new.&quot; I would be funny though if he could have pulled it off. ;)
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    I actually thought of saying I was someone else for a split second,but like you said he would probally reconize me and backfire like you said.But you guys are right that would have been great if I did pull it off!!!!<p>from:Adam<p>AB Lawn Care
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    good point but how would he explain it without looking like an idiot, &quot;hey neibor i just talked to this guy about bidding my lawn and then i found out a week later that it was the guy i already had&quot; lmao....just imagining this gives me a good chuckle<p>or wait heres a better one, you should have told the guy why do you want to get rid of the guy you have...hes the best in town..im even thinking about going to work for him so i can learn how to do quality work at the discount prices he charges.........that would have sent him for a loop,lol:)<p>----------<br>CJC Landscape Management<br>Winter Haven, Florida<br>
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    Time for a lesson from this scenario, and that is, get to know your customers, they will find it harder to stick it to you if they know you as a human being and not the robot who keeps the lawn neat. Most folks have a conscience, and a conscience works best when up against another person, not just a name.<p>Bill
  8. Charles

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    Customers have a conscience??? Wow!! learn something new everyday.
  9. greenlawncare

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    lawnguy: You're absolutely right. <p>cjcland: Funny...he would look like idiot if he told his neigbors..:)

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