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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by flxinxj, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. flxinxj

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    I have already done this mulch job and was wondering what kind of price you guys think is a good one here are some pic. mulch total yards 13 $240.50 about one day with 3 guys. edge and mulch trim grass's on corner of house.
  2. flxinxj

    flxinxj LawnSite Member
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    sorry having truoble with pic
  3. M&MLawn

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    We charge roughly $75 per yard depending on job. This would bring us to a price of $975 for the job.
  4. prizeprop

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    I would do it at $75 a yrd also,if just a touch up edge included.If overgrown edge and weeding I would charge $40.00 per man hour to do prep work,stop the clock, then $75 per yard. You should be able to do more mulch with three guys than 13 yrds in an 8 hour day. Just a tip,when using three men,dump mulch on ground. Have one spread and each man running a wheelbarrow shovels there own. If not it always seems the man in the truck is waiting for the runner or the runner is waiting for the shoveler. 4 men , i'll put a shoveler in the truck and two runners and one spreader,no one ever rests.Plus 2-3 weelbarrows.
  5. mowing grass 1111

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    i think i would have stayed in bed
  6. lhenryp1

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    I need some mulch around my place, you wanna fly to texas :)
  7. paul vroom

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    Are you saying you charged $240 for 13 yards of mulch, with trim and some cutting? You shorted yourself. But that's why you asked, right? I know I did my first couple mulch jobs and could not afford the pain killers that night. I double the price of the mulch then depending on how far I charge 10 for delivery and figure 50-60 per hour in labor depending on the terrain of the property. There has been people on this site that that you can send a private message to and ask them to google earth the property and help with the bid. Just a suggestion. Good luck....:drinkup:
  8. PerfectEarth

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    This has to be a joke. My mulch cost alone on this job would be nearly $300.
  9. Indy Kyle

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    I think he's saying the mulch cost him $240.50.
  10. Carolina Cuts

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    I PAY more then that for mulch.

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