what do you think of a stihl ms290 ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DEEREBOY14, Nov 25, 2007.


    DEEREBOY14 LawnSite Member
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    :weightlifter:what do you think of a stihl ms290 ?
  2. advanced irrigation

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    its worth the money, just be sure to use synthetic pre-mix (Stihl)

    SNAPPER MAN LawnSite Silver Member
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    YOU DONT NEED TO BE DOING CHAIN SAW WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just start out mowing and work your way up. Plus its not your money so dont spend all of your dads!!!!!!!
  4. adrianrog

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    I've had a M290 for about four years, this'll be the fifth firewood season. I'd probably consider myself a fairly heavy user for a non-commercial guy. I cut firewood for my home and help out my dad and brother cut firewood for their homes. I use it to remove trees and cut up stuff around the yard (it's a pretty big yard and I'm getting rid of a few trees and overgrown holly bushes) I've been fairly happy with mine, the only trouble was a cracked fuel line inside the gas tank. $8 and 45 minutes of cussing later and it's good as new. I think this is a common issue. It's a little on the heavy side when I have to work with it at chest level or above. I really notice this after felling a tree and cutting up the limbs. Does a pretty good job elsewhere.

    I had a $200 Poulan before the Stihl, I ran it 2 hours, returned it, and bought the Stihl.

    A buddy has a MS280 and I swear his cuts faster and is lighter. I think it's a full commercial model. If I had to do it over, I'd probably spend the extra bucks and get the MS280. Alternately, I might elect to buy something a good bit bigger and then a second smaller limbing saw.

    If you're in the Villa Rica, GA area, come on by and I'll let you try it out.


    PS, Nothing runs like a Deere with a CAT on it's a**. ;-)
  5. topsites

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    The way to purchase a chainsaw is like this:

    - When that chainsaw is revved wide open, if the chain were to suddenly stop, can you hold it without further ado?
    Yes I am serious, you cut through a log there exists plenty of opportunity for that thing to go from full speed to 0 in a split.
    When that happens, that saw needs to be held in place or you're going to have a problem.
    It happens suddenly, it's not something you prepare for, so your regular strength needs to be enough to hold it there.
    Preferably it shouldn't even budge, but if it jumps (or you think it would) then it's too much saw for you.

    I have two 210's, that's plenty of power for someone who has never used a chainsaw extensively, once you use one of those for some time you might think about a 250 - 290, you can probably get a 250 for starters but that 290 is a nasty bad boy with a TON of power.

    By the way, you want to either stay away from any trees bigger than a sapling, or make sure you get the extra insurance, General Business Liability will very likely not cover you without you at least calling first to ask and make sure.

    Let me put it this way, with my 210 I can cut down trees WAY bigger than I'm covered for, it's all I've used in 5+ years.
    I could use bigger by now, after time you learn what I speak of.
    It's pretty dangerous, I rarely fool with anything bigger than a branch, mostly I use mine when the hedgetrimmers just won't do it.
    Small trees are ok, by small I mean if it falls on you that it won't kill you, watch out even the little ones can weigh hundreds of pounds.
    Might want to get 2-3 extra chains, and buy a sharpener eventually too (that way when a chain gets dull you simply swap them out).
  6. Nosmo

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    All Stihl chainsaws are good ones. Each has its purpose from light jobs to huge trees. I have a MS250C which handles every job I have attempted and supplies me with plenty of firewood.

    Go ahead and listen to the opinions you receive in this thread and also talk to Stihl dealer about what you will cutting with that saw.

  7. nmurph

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    i love stihl saws......here is my advise, buy the biggest you can afford, but consider how it will be used and how much it weighs. if you are only cutting small stuff, 2-6in, and limbing downed trees, even the 290 is overkill. for this size stuff a 250 is a great saw for a non-commercial user, which i assume you are since we are even having this discussion. if you are consistently felling larger trees, 10+in hardwoods, then you something larger. the 290, 310, and 390 are built on the same frame and weigh the same. if you are going to tote 13+ lbs, would you rather have 3.8, 4.0, or 4.3 hp? i have the 310, it is a dynamite saw, but there are time when i wish for a little more power. i would not want the extra power if it came with additional weight, but it is free power, so why not? the cost of the 390 is about $110 more.
    BTW, the 28o0 is a mid-range, not a professional saw. it actually has .1 hp less than a 290. it does have an electronic module might make it a touch more responsive with a changing load.
  8. saw man

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    the 290 is a POS!!!!!

    I would go for a Dolmar 5100, very nice machine and light weight. Better quality, more power, lighter weight than that POS 290!

    If you want advice from people that know their saws then dont waste your time here! Go over to www.arboristsite.com and check out the chainsaw section. Even do a search for "Dolmar 5100" and see what you can find.

    Seriously try that site and dont listen to the stupid idiot on here that thinks you can hold a saw on a "REAL" kickback. Some people just shouldnt give any advice at all!!
  9. delphied

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    That Stihl 290 is the "Farm Boss" and if a sodbuster can use it, I dont see why it would be such a tough saw to use. It would be my number one choice of brand and sizefo r 2 reasons. Price and the stihl brand is considered the best in chainsaws.
  10. nmurph

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    apparently you haven't read what sawman thinks of stihls:hammerhead::hammerhead:.......i guess there must be a bunch of dumb schmucks using POS saws:dizzy:.

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