What do you think of my Route sheet?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by outrunjason, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Turfdude

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    I would not be willing to change mowing heights.
    Also, there is one error
    2. What did they not like about there service: - THEIR
    if you are the only one reading this - NBD, otherwiseyou may select to change it.

  2. outrunjason

    outrunjason LawnSite Senior Member
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    haha your right. I never do get the There and theirs right.

    Also, I have to change mowing heights. Not all my lawns are the same height and sometimes I might forget or when it gets hot we raise it.

    Question the second sheet is in all Bold. Should I take the bold out?

  3. Darb

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    If this form were to be used for a crew I wonder if it would be good to have travel time listed? I know that can be figured out but if you have them write it in they might be more conscious about it. It might help it to make the crew less likely to fudge on the form. You know like truckers do with their log books(they have trouble making any money otherwise).
  4. Turtle II

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    I think your stuff looks pretty good - - - espically for just starting too.
    I too made a document to check off answers to questions when customers call.
    Hopefully it will help me hook-up with the right customers and stay away from the weirdo's who want something for nothing.

    some of the questions are:::

    How big is the property?

    Do you own or rent?

    Is this a one time clean-up or do you need weekly maintenance?

    What do you expect in terms of service?

    What do you expect to pay for your service?

    Do you have internet service?

    Would you be interested in electronic billing?

    etc., etc, etc...............

    Hope this helps some---I am just putting it together myself too....

    PS, their & there use to get me all the time too.:cool:

    THEIR = ownership; their lawn, their house, their car, etc...

    THERE = a place; over there, down there, up there, etc...
  5. outrunjason

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    from dallas
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    Turtle II

    I used to ask what they expected to pay for service and even what they were paying for service. But, most of the time what they were paying for service was either the same as mine or cheaper so I decided to cut that question out.

    The best question ever is How many lawn services have you had. You and I know if they say 3 or 4 I bet it was not the lawn service fault I am probably getting a picky customer.

  6. Turtle II

    Turtle II LawnSite Member
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    That is a great question to ask & find out the answer to.
    I'm adding it to my list ASAP!
    Two or three wouldnt be bad coming from older folks, but people in their late 20's mid 30's???

    Most of the neighbrohoods I'm looking at seem to have 30's and up age range.

    I hope its not hard to find loyal customers.....

    From some of the horror stories I hear, it is easy to get taken (not get paid) for services performed if you're not careful and dont
    have everything running smoothly.
  7. kris

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    Anything you can do to be more organized is great.... I would not put the cost if I were giving it to an employee. How about bid hours and actual hours?
    I started last year by giving the foreman a list of all the "bid hours". They would then have to tell me everyday how they did ...bid vrs actual. What you don't want is them fudging the hours to make it look like they hit the hours... I explained to them that they are not going to be punished if they don't hit the hours... I need to know true times...It could very well be that I screwed up on the estimate...
    It's excellent that you keep track of your times for job costing and is helpful to look back on for estimating.
  8. bob

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    It looks good. But ,is all that info really necessary? It seems like it would get old filling out that paper every day. If you get you Pesticide License, you"ll have even more paperwok to fill out. I just write the name of the lawn I cut in a pocket calender book, then enter it on the computer on a later date.

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