What do you think of my website so far??


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the working under the home page picture seems out of place, like it is the wrong tense,. or continuing from a paragraph that is not there. not to get too specific, but it needs reworking there. over all the site is looking nice


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Kind of very basic, and a landscaping website in gray.. not sure
Brendan-Yes, I need to change the llc to LLC. my friend made it lowercase for some reason. I orig had it in caps.

IMO the colors go great with the website. What would I use? Green? Red? That would look really stupid imo.

When you say very basic, what should it have to make it not very basic?


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I think the colors can work for you.

Now... great logo, great company, great qualifications!

Onto the helpful...

1. The home page picture doesn't really show off any of your talent. To me it looks like a driveway with some plants. Maybe a different angle or close up would be better. Once the season starts up again...be sure to document your work.

2. Under "Detailed services," the "services" should have a capital "S"

3. In your "About Me" separate your thoughts. Your education should be separate from your company values. I have created a mock format for you. Feel free to use it or tweak it...

"Chris Diamond started Diamond Landscaping, LLC following graduation from the University of Florida. Chris graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and is currently studying for his Associate’s degree in Horticulture from Palm Beach State College.

Chris is also pursuing his ISA Certified Arborist License and his FNGLA Certified Horticulture Professional License.

His dedication, integrity and work ethic inspire him to create an outdoor environment that is not only beautiful, but practical for everyday living. Chris is passionate about creating “green” spaces that ensure not only a better today, but a better tomorrow."

4. In your "Detailed services" section consider using bullets lined from the left side rather than centered. It is easier to read and less cluttered looking. I would create a list of your services at the top without the description and keep what you have as well. This will allow lazy people like me to see if you offer the service I want without having to sort through all the details.

I understand you want to make yourself sound credible...but most people won't care. They will assume you are if you have a nice website.

I am jealous of your schooling, keep up the great work!! Hope this helped.

THANK YOU for posting helpful info instead of some stupid response like "the colors are awful." I have no problem with people's opinions, but thanks for giving me good helpful info.

BTW-The recent work page hasn't been completed yet. I did 3 nice LS install jobs this year and took many pics that my friend hasn't posted yet. We are trying to see what format will look best.

Thanks again.

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