What do you think of this design.

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    Found it! Thanks for the tip. Surprisingly Ive gotten more calls/requests/asked if I do yards over then mowing! Which is something I had planned on getting into later, but I guess when duty calls!
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    The only difference between sketchup and sketchup pro is that in pro you can import CAD drawing into the computer then work from those as base maps. I did it while studying for my landscape architects degree. Half the time I would just redraw my base in sketchup didn't really save any time importing the file.

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    we finally wrapped up the pavers, landscaping, and irrigation for the job. Now we just have to sod the backyard and we are completed. Here is a nightshot of the pavers. They are tumbled Best Way Stone Strada Antico

    We put down 645 sq feet total, with 3 porches and 4 steps.


    DLONGLANDSCAPING LawnSite Bronze Member
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    sorry it uploaded sideways. I have never had that happen before

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